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ZILEAN IS NOW "S" TIER SUPPORT? – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


Today we’re taking part in Zilean Support, he is just lately gained loads of reputation in SoloQ and Pro play and many individuals would think about him a high tier Support decide. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Zilean Mid Gameplay.

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ZILEAN IS NOW “S” TIER SUPPORT? – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. Huzzy I don't mean to be mean but while you have been playing well in terms of kills and team fights, lately your farming is still pretty bad. Coupled with the fact that you often set yourself behind by buying early corrupting potions (even in winning lane matchups), I think you have less strength compared to your opponents than you would expect.

  2. That's the reason man, huzzy is probably the most honest and kind you tuber and thats why I watch and like every video of his

  3. Huzzy you should make a video on carrying a game with a minimal lead. There are so many games I win lane but not hard enough to solo carry and I was wondering if you have any tips for someone like me. Love your videos 👍🏾

  4. Imagine having followers from Australia am i right mate? Nah appreciate the content good to have a calming presence to watch before heading off to work or to bed which happens to be when your upload schedule lands here

  5. I really love zilleans design. Pure supportive with only 1damaging ability while not being Uber annoying with shields and heals

  6. I dont know if he'll ever see this but love to see him play senna both support and adc and compare which he thinks is better – day 1

  7. Just a comment on a thing I’ve noticed. Not telling you how to play because we have a massive skill gap, but what I’ve seen is sometimes you stop attacking an enemy because you think they will die from ignite or something, but they end up living. Just a small thing where I feel if you secure the kill it would benefit a lot.

  8. i really like zilean especially in this skin, i think he has a lot of potential, but i do wish that riot would at least try to update his passive

  9. Not entirely the Ashe's fault but she did go the wrong build, as to why no one on your team not doing damage. To maximize dps on adc now, excluding Ez and Senna, is to go the three bf items that also give crit. Essence, IE, and Stormrazer. From what I've seen and heard in high rated adc's is that's the best build to give the most damage outcome. Zeal items don't give any actual ad so that's what people do now, guess this Ashe didn't know. Not that the TF or Gnar were doing anything either, this is just what I know to fix

  10. Lmfao oh man huzzy I always enjoy ur videos but this one had me rolling! U were so funny! I love funny huzzy 😂

  11. I'm a support main and no offence taken. I play jungle when I'm tired because clearing camps isn't as exhausting as last hitting or trying to keep my adc from running into traffic.

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