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ZIGGS… NO ONE PLAYS HIM, WHY? – Unranked to Diamond – Ep. 52 | League of Legends


Today we’re enjoying Ziggs! No one is enjoying him proper now, why not? We attempt to give a solution – League of Legends Ziggs Mid Gameplay.

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  1. this guy with "what does ziggs has on xerath" i don't know, just mobility with w, probably the best lategame towershredding in the game, multifunctional cc with both E and W, a great team fighting ult that doesn't take away his mobility for 10 seconds and insane long range burst with his Q and E. Dude, Ziggs is an amazing champion.

  2. Best thing about ziggs
    I was 1v1ing someone at bot then cheeky af ziggs nuke out of nowhere kills my opponent
    I died anyway because I laughed too much, the explosion is just a giant FUCK YOU to the other player

  3. Go for it, grow your channel. I see a 12/4/9 score in a thumbnail and I say to myself "hmmm, I want to see how he did that on the champion he is playing". Then I click watch!

  4. Xerath has no dash/blink/teleport unlike Ziggs. If his flash is out and he gets ganked he can’t escape. For example, Rammus can easily abuse Xerath because of his lack of mobility.

  5. I hate the score being shown. I like surprises. One of the reasons I've stopped watching Anklespankin cause he never loses or has bad games. Your play is way more real.

  6. Riot fucked up in some kind of way witht he sound, i felt that myseelf in my past games. Backing sounds or Nexus destructions are like nuclear bombs volume wise despite the setting being at 20 or something

  7. I play him most of the time, he is good now with the item changing. Power spike is much more faster, but he is only good in team fight. If ur team not good in team fight then he will be wasted.

  8. For the skill Ceiling thing , i think the thing is : u won't know if u didn't try ur hardest and give it time and effort .
    but lots of people just sitting there , and saying naaah i can't do it .

  9. audiois a bit weird, some are a bit loud and some are like bo sound effects at all…
    I can even hear some AC sounds at some part lol

    and also, maybe the only advantage ziggs have vs xerath is seiging

  10. i watch every video you put out so i don't even really look at the thumbnails in my sub box. i don't mind if you include the scores in the thumbnail and if it will help the channel grow, i say go for it!

  11. ziggs has better tower pushing, an escape, cc through minions, even if he misses everything he can still use his passive auto dmg.
    xerath has easier waveclear, easier poke, more mana sustain, longer cc

  12. Honestly, the question of whether I should play Ziggs or Xerath has always been pretty easy to me. I feel like people highly under-value just how strong Ziggs's tower taking is. I play Xerath when I want to fill in a poke team comp. I play Ziggs when I want to play a non-interactive lane against a dangerous opponent and just go for objectives. His ability to quickly teleport to bot or top lane in order to get first tower blood can provide an early game advantage in a surprising amount of games, and Xerath can't do that.

    Ziggs also has more control in team fights, I feel. It's easier to land his ult on multiple people, it's easier to CC or interrupt that running opponent with sachel charge instead of landing Xerath's slow skillshots, it's easy to deal a chunk of damage to that Vayne simply by throwing Q in a random direction and then clicking her with an empowered lich-bane assisted auto attack for most of her life bar. You can block off jungle paths with E pretty much indefinitely when you have maxed CDR, making it much easier to take dragon. Xerath trades all that for a far better primary skillshot and the ability to easily protect himself against direct aggression (thanks to his E)

  13. i definitely prefer to not see the score on the thumbnail. To see the huge flips a game can have can show your audience that they can happen in real time, and can keep your viewers motivated in game, and show why not to tilt….to know it was a successful game right from the start doesnt really get that point across as well….i know ive felt the dread of a loss watching your videos, only to be overjoyed in the end when your team flip it and you come out ahead….knowing the score can give away a huge part of that, and remove the impact of the games.

  14. Hey Huzzy, youtubers usually put their crazy score on the thumbnail for highlight videos or new op champ or new build and that kind of stuff, so I don't think it would really suit your gameplay videos, because it ruins the experience for viewers by spoiling how well you did.

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