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YOU DIDN'T EXPECT VEIGAR – Climb to Master | League of Legends


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  1. Rito might not like your climb but I do. Keep up the interesting content and well matched wins!

  2. MMR and LP can be so weird sometimes. I've been on 99LP, won the next game and got 0 LP. Then I lost the game after and got put into promos.

  3. I will make a statement, but please do not take it as an offence. You really need to improve your last hitting , i mean you missed a lot of cs during the lane phase with a pre 6 Akali, which is bad.

  4. Isn't your insane win rate the reason you're losing so much lp? The game thinks you're ranked too high, so it's trying to knock you back down.

  5. damn. you sold boots bc you walked out of base and clicked in the item shop.. this has happend to me and i never knew how… feels bad

  6. I don't know if you team would have listened, but you usually tell them to turtle and just to try grping once as a last attempt. I didn't see you try it in chat though. Whatever, I don't know if that would have changed anything, they ignored your first question anyhow so you might have already had your reason.
    My MMR has been fluctuating so much. sometimes it's 17+ other times it is 20+ even if I win games back to back. Does the season coming to an end have anything to do with it?

  7. I just thought I'd let you know that his name is pronounced 'vay-gar'.
    Final Boss Veigar says it in two of his lines.

    "Unimaginable is the power of Veigar!" and "I, Veigar, will knock you all down!"

  8. I hope you don't take offence because you are a teacher but I think there is some wave management/farming stuff you could improve on.

  9. i love seeing "high ranking" players like that twitch commiting the same mistakes as a wood division player

  10. Huzzy was like: "Akali is only good on lower elo games, because people don´t know how to play against her". now i watched a dia2 game against akali as a squishy midlaner and still i have no idea how to play against her

  11. Huzzy your suppose to max e second on veigar 🙁 unfortunate that your first game back was countered by akali

  12. please dont play veig in diamond if you dont know how to play him, max e second not your w, you need to last hit with your q more and you dont need a ROA 19 mins into the game after you already started morel

  13. Hey Huzzy, I've experienced a similar issue with the mmr. I went from plat 3 promos to plat 1 promos going 17-3 in solo que. Now I'm gaining 16 lp a game and losing 23.

  14. if you haven't had vision for a champ in a while, you can't see their new levels, items or herald

  15. Why does everyone think you can still see people type after they muted you… you can't

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