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XIII Remake – Official Gameplay Trailer | Summer of Gaming


The cult classic cel-shaded FPS game XIII returns, remade for Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC – and features music and voicework from the original game.

It’s been 17 years since Ubisoft released XIII (or Thirteen for those who don’t know roman numerals) on Playstation 2 (PS2), GameCube, Xbox, and PC. The XIII game utilized the cel shading art style to adapt the 1984 Belgian graphic novel series into the cult classic FPS.

Now, the XIII game remake is being released for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, so be sure to check out the new XIII gameplay in this new XIII Remake gameplay trailer.

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  1. AltF4Games (pronounced AltEfFourGames of course!) absolutely hates this remake so uh can you guys cancel it for him please?

  2. Clocked this game on PS2 it was great game now they making a remake of it on ps4 Xbox one pc and Nintendo switch

  3. It his actually a remake? It looks and moves exactly as stiff as the first one, same scenes,
    and even has David Duchovny's bad voice acting. Seems like a remaster.

  4. Unless there are differences in the environments and gameplay I'm honestly not that interested in this. When played today the original is just 'okay', it'd need some new elements to help make it worth it, in my opinion.

  5. This better have gyro on Switch. So sick of lazy devs not taking advantage of hardware.

  6. Oh, great… now we can play all the way up to the cliffhanger ending AGAIN and never get the sequel we were hoping for.
    With that said, hopefully this remaster might mean that we still could get a proper sequel.

  7. Where is the cool cell shaded style of the original? This looks terrible.
    No, thanks. I will keep playing it on my Xbox, instead.

  8. WHAT! I can't believe they're bringing back this classic! I still remember the awesome music in this game

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