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WWE 2K20 Guide – How To Perform Payback Moves


Turn the tables in your opponent with these Payback strikes.

Payback strikes will provide help to via some quite powerful conditions in WWE 2K20. They encompass reversals, enjoying possum and even spraying mist into an opponent’s eyes. How do you activate them, particularly the brand new ones which have been added?

First, your Payback meter must be full. Pay consideration to its degree since completely different strikes could require a degree 2 meter. You may also have to activate the Dirty Move timer or Charged Fury timer with R2 + Triangle (on PS4) to tug off a Payback transfer. Also, word that your Payback Level 1 and Level 2 strikes should be chosen earlier than a match begins. Without additional ado, let’s get into it.

Payback Level 1

  • Auto Reversal: Right earlier than an opponent hits you, press R2 + Triangle to instantly reverse it.
  • Possum: When in opposition to the ropes or within the nook, maintain R2. This will put you in Possum mode and you may then press Circle to pin your opponent or Triangle to hit them.
  • Speed Boost: To enhance your velocity and talent to reverse strikes, maintain R2 and press Triangle to get a Speed Boost.
  • Instant Recovery: To get well immediately when downed, maintain R2 after which press Triangle. Just keep in mind that you must be in a downed state to make use of it).
  • Reversal: To acquire a Reversal Stock, maintain R2 and press Triangle.

Payback Level 2

  • Adrenaline Boost: For a lift to your velocity whereas carrying weights and to elevate extra, maintain R2 and press Triangle for a lift of Adrenaline.
  • Beast Mode: For extra injury and sooner grappling, maintain R2 and Triangle to enter Beast Mode.
  • Blackout: Want to tug off the basic ECW shock entrance with the lights going out? First, make sure that you and your opponent are within the ring. Press R2 + Triangle. This will trigger the lights to exit and trigger you to look behind your foe for a bonus.
  • Charged Fury: First, activate the Charged Fury timer. Hold Square to cost a strike after which press Square once more to unleash it in opposition to an opponent.
  • Electrifying: To enhance the regeneration price of momentum, maintain R2 and press Triangle.
  • Finisher: To earn a finisher, maintain R2 and Triangle. Only one may be “earned” throughout a match although.
  • Fortify: To enhance your injury and weight with a barrier, maintain R2 and press Triangle.
  • Hands of Fate: Underworld minions (severely) will emerge and seize your opponent after holding R2 and urgent Triangle.
  • Low Blow: First, make sure the Dirty Move timer is energetic. Press R2 and Triangle to hit a Low Blow.
  • Move Thief: To use your opponent’s strikes on them, press R2 + Triangle.
  • Poison Mist: Enable the Dirty Move timer. Wait for the suitable alternative – since there’s an opportunity of disqualification – and press R2 + Triangle to spray Poison Mist in an opponent’s face.
  • Power of the Punch: Punch your opponent with Brass Knuckles on the danger of getting disqualified by first activating the Dirty Move timer after which urgent R2 + Triangle.
  • Resiliency: When caught in a pin, elimination state of affairs or submission, press R2 + Triangle to flee.
  • Run-In: If you’re down and need assistance, maintain R2 and press Triangle to name in backup. This can solely be utilized in 1v1 matches and solely once you’re contained in the ring.
  • Rush: Use Rush to remove an opponent’s finisher. First press R2 + Triangle to activate it. Then maintain L2 to assault them – do that efficiently and their finisher will probably be gone.
  • Tank Buff: To acquire elevated protection however decreased mobility, maintain R2 and press Triangle.