WW2 Zombies: Darkest Shore – How To Insta-Kill (& Harvest) Spider Bosses


The spider-like bosses exclusive to ‘The Darkest Shore’ are a pain in the butt. Use this trick to kill (and harvest) them instantly.

The spider (or “Meuchler”) boss-type zombies in ‘The Darkest Shore’ DLC for Call of Duty: WW2 are a scary surprise that won’t stop. They’re the most challenging boss zombie by far, and shooting them up usually isn’t enough to earn a kill. Nope, these wall-crawling creatures will escape after taking a certain amount of damage. They’re really fast, really annoying, and really hard to kill. That is, unless you know about a cool method to kill and harvest them instantly.

Naturally, this trick works on EVERY zombie boss type. Those big lumbering brutes and the flamethrower freaks both go down in a single hit from the saw melee weapon. Yeah, you’ll need to unlock the sawblade (but this trick does not require the upgrade) and some Frontline mods to increase your damage output. It’s one of the most damaging combos in the game, and if you’re tired of bosses giving you trouble, this is the loadout to pick.

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How To Insta-Kill (& Harvest) Spider Bosses

This trick will work on all “Meuchler” spider zombie bosses — except the ones that appear in the final battle of the Easter egg. Those spider zombies are actually very different, with their own unique stats and attacks. All the other spider bosses? They’re perfect targets.

You’ll also always get the spider boss spine in a harvest on your first attempt, every single time. You’ll need to play online so you can level up and unlock mods for the Frontline special ability.


To perform a spider boss insta-kill, you’ll need a specific loadout of skills. 

  • Frontline Special Mods:
    • Vicious (x3 Damage)
    • Hand-to-Hand (Increases Melee Damage)
  • Use the Sawblade Melee Weapon

These mods stack, so you’ll do triple damage when Frontline is activated, and your melee attacks will deal even more damage while Frontline is running. After that, acquire the two parts and build the sawblade — that melee weapon, along with Frontline and the mods, will kill every single boss / enemy in a single swipe. You don’t even need to upgrade the saw into the Ripsaw for this loadout to work.

To harvest, just use the sprint / ram attack and hold [X / Square] to harvest. No need to weaken, and it works on the very first attack.

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