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Wolfenstein: Youngblood – RTX Official Launch Trailer


Take a take a look at the trailer spotlight the replace launched for the co-op first particular person shooter which incorporates ray tracing help,

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  1. if RTX can magically convert Youngblood into a proper Wolfenstein game, then maybe Bethesda should add RTX to Fallout 76 to magically make it a proper Fallout game. . .

  2. soooooo Did they fix the abysmal Ai? No ok
    did they fix the Horrendously aggravating call outs/ Dialogue? No ok
    Did they Balance the Unbalanced mess that the enemies are? No ok
    Did they add ANYTHING, ANYTHING at all to this Wacky AF story to make it make any sense and be any less cringe-inducing? No?
    Then WHY TF would anyone waste their money on this garbage Ass game?

    Bethesda- We added Better Visuals

    Get tf outta my face

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