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Welcome to another Q&A! We cover a range of topics including the idea of deleting lol champions, unhealthy lol items! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Q&A.

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  1. i was really lucky one game with a 4 man that didn't care at all about inting and just talked about having fun and they all went positive and i went even and it was just a good experience. rare 1/100 game of league lol.

  2. Season 10 is the first season I have completely turned off league of legends chat, everyone is so negative this season.

  3. I got an idea for a champion: Maybe Riot could experiment with a voodoo style champion and the ult would be take control of a champion for a few seconds and let them do 1 ability (not ult) against their own team, let the passive be like a stacking voodoo magic debuff that stacks and lowers the amount of armor or mr they have, like if the enemy champ gets hit for like 5 auto-attacks it's decreased by a certain number. Let the q be some skillshot where he/she throws the voodoodoll in a direction like gnars boomerang but when catched the target that is infected by the debuff gets stunned, let the w be like a damage/stat steal leech, like for example if the target has 5 stacks of the debuff the voodoo champions gains the amount of mr and armor from the champion he leeches temporarely. My idea for the e is a bit crazy i think: it's a skillshot: the voodoo champion lashes out with a dark voodoo magic hand towards it's target drags them behind them so they switch place, think of it this way, an extended seth E (facebreaker).

    Huzz i hope you read this, i am really curious what you think of this idea. Keep up the good job, you are an amazing guy and i really do learn from every video you post.

    Geetings G.Musiclee

  4. Disagree, while blitz's Q is powerful, MS/AS steroid, manna shield, passive local damage aura, dedicated knock-up, large AOE silence… the rest of his kit is no laughing matter. People seem to underestimate hidden values in the game like threat range and displacement, which Blitze's Q have in droves.
    Sure, "git gud" dodge the Q, but the same could be said for all skill-shots, why is Ez so powerful yet not considered the same as blitz?

  5. Boogie2988 was my "click." Watching your journey has been great though! Also my question is "Has twitch chat finally broken Huzzy?" My personal guess is yes, because he gave into the puns for the Fizz video. 🙂

  6. I am a new League player. I started TFT in Set 1 and just got back into it with Set 3.5, but decided this time to also try and learn the main game. It's been a headache, with all the champs, items, runes, map objectives, and not to mention the very blatant toxicity toward new/bad players in Normals, but your videos have really helped ease that beginner's shock. I appreciate the content and I look forward to seeing more from you in the future. 😊

  7. Being someone who moved out just before lock down it is extremely hard i never used to struggle with being alone but it does make things extremely hard, its a good job my partner kept moving in for a few weeks at a time when she could but couldn't do it full time because of work

  8. Death's dance may have strong a strong passive and stats, but it's also the second most expensive item in the game, of course it should be good. And knight's vow does a similar, if not better job for an adc, and is cheaper. Idk where the DD hate is coming from

  9. Theyd never remove champions due to the issues of refunding stuff removing from lore etc and the backlash (besides reworks), also if they were to remove something they woulda removed ezreal years ago, he single handedly got many items/mechanics changed or removed like smite laning and multiple tears. Items they can just do the hydra approach, melee only range only etc.
    also the house thing is usually anxiety. Took me a while to get use to a big house by myself, it was so empty and quiet. I got over it after i made part of the house a like… me zone. Comfy office bathroom and bedroom and the rest is just a big empty house which i should rent out tbh. The sound issues you have though woulda been bad, we have yards between houses so noise is never an issue unless its like a party. Best of luck on your next choice 😀 just make sure to make a comfy stress free room in it

  10. 6:38 I was 100% expecting zhonias, cdr/ armor/ stasis and 2 good components…. But then again some Champs are balanced around it and whilst it's still antifun item it is a form of keeping Champs like kennen or fizz in the game

  11. More champions means more skins which means more money. They wont fix the game because they broke too many things with their policy so they dont even want to pay attention to it. Akali,Ekko,Vladimir,Yuumi and so on give you no option to counterplay them. And Rito doesn't want to fix that. There are to many broken things in the game and for some chsmpions if they are in the game you hardly have fun playing that game.

  12. This is great to hear from you. Only thing i ask is that there be time stamps for each bunch of questions. Saying that you said eailer that you did this all yourself so gj. I didnt know you DID it all yourself

  13. ghost of tsushima . I wanted to play that , but due to covid i can´t afford it :/ I´ve alrdy seen some let´s plays of it. it looks great 🙂 u´ll have fun with it

  14. Talking about the dead lore characters, would be so cool if Lissandras sisters would become champs

  15. Do it Huzz! Get out and live, if you need to cut down to 1 vid a day or even less we'll understand. Nothing wrong with focusing on yourself.

  16. Hey huzzy just wanted to say sad to hear that the house didn't work out but glad to hear that its not going to affect your outlook on moving out i wish you luck moving forward with it in the future and i your content always helps me keep up with league since I don't have the time to play anymore

  17. I'm a female who is green and red colorblind, and honestly it can really affect me in games.
    Most colors are separate in person, though, so it it's much less noticeable.
    That said, the colorblind settings aren't really good enough in League, to be fair.

  18. i hate alot of champions but the only champion that i want to be Deleted Is Illaoi
    Because the fuck how you fight a champion that does not need to hit you Directly to begin with

  19. IMO, they already HAVE deleted champions, with certain reworks. Some great examples are Sion & Swain.
    Sion, lost pretty much everything except the shield, but it's nowhere near the same as it once was. On release it could be argued that it was similar, but after the damage nerfs it's gone.
    And old Swain is just gone. No more AoE root, no more tether bird turret, and no more point&click DoT. Similar idea in ults, but he doesn't turn into a giant bird-human chimera a la Fullmetal Alchemist and instead more like a shadow demon that he has no control over.
    …Oh! And Yorick is gone too. Yes he summons ghouls still, but NOWHERE near with the most literal of sense the old Yorick had. He was able to summon them at will, while now its all just a minigame, or you ult. And speaking of the ult, he literally just cloned anyone he wanted to on his team, and then if they died they became said clone for 8 seconds. Very busted on a fed ADC.

    If Riot hates a champion, they'll rework it until it's not that champion anymore, essentially deleting them in the process. The character may still be there, but they are not the same. No more targeted taric stuns with AoE 60 armor shred, no more whatever Karma had going on with her weird fan weapons, and no more "only this support can kill me" invincible tank poppy

  20. Can you do a new challenger spectate on Camille and Irelia? Would be great to hear your thoughts!

  21. "Will LoL champs ever be deleted?" No way right? They'd have to refund skins and that would suck for riot. Plus if you delete one toxic champion, people will get riled up over another "toxic" champion they had previously regarded as tolerably balanced. There will always be people complaining and there is no perfect set of champions where everyone will be happy (especially since everyone has different skill levels).

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