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WHY DON'T I PLAY KAYN!?! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


Today we’re enjoying Kayn Jungle! I’m really unsure why I do not play this champion? He’s fairly legit! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Kayn Jungle Gameplay.

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WHY DON’T I PLAY KAYN!?! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. Glad to see you went for Red Kayn. I really like him, but having to play through regular Kayn just sucks the fun out of the champion for me.

    Kayn in lane feels a bit better in that regard, even if it's not very strong.

  2. Hey kinda random but I've been able to pull my ears and it makes that noise my whole life.. am I dead?

  3. Golem Style "my killlllll"
    Train guy "I like dragons"
    huzzy goofy as fuck in this video i like it alot

  4. "The headset curse" returns
    Also don't wanna backseat,but ravenous hunter is kind of a trap for Kayn since it only heals 4% (1/3) on AOE,which is most of kayn's skills (Also u will probably never play kayn again so why am I saying this? I dunno lol)

  5. about the cronic sinus infection (sorry about my english) I have it for nearly a decade now.
    you can't really do nothing about it you will eventually learn how to take care of it and live with it.

  6. tbh in my games i get annoying yasuo and have friends that is to op with him
    im surprise watching your vids and seeing 0/10 lmao still funny

  7. 1 little tip I got from watching some kayn mains is to do 3 into q then max w. W is your main source of damage.

  8. I have had to audible to lane kayn before when people rage quite and he has some bad mana problems. Probably why people build manamune.

  9. Hey huzz if ur going red kayn no point in buying warrior just better to buy smite and rush black cleaver and deaths dance

  10. Kayn and Vi are my go-to Jungle Picks now, been trying to pick up new champs shen is the next one on my list.

  11. Hey bro started league recently these videos have been awesome for me to learn! How do you feel about amumu

  12. Do you think Riot would ever do a competition where people put in there champion designs and then riot chooses one to add to the game? Do you think that would be ok for the game?

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