Where to download 3ds games 2017 and how to put them to 3DS to play?

Download and add free games to Nintendo 3DS to play is not a dream. Yes, that’s to say, you can play free games on 3DS and you can even do not have the official retail game cart.3dsgames So where to download these games, how to play free games on your 3DS 2017 and are you safe to use method for hacking 3ds, let me reply you in the article.

Where to download games for Nintendo 3DS?

Firstly, let me tell me one another thing. That is, which games you can play on 3DS console. You can play 3DS, DS, GBA, SNES, NES and other more games on your consoles. So where to download them, here are the answers.

Site to download 3DS and NDS games 2017: Rom2station.com.

Site to download GBA games 2017:

  • http://romhustler.net/roms/gba
  • http://doperoms.com/toproms.php?system=gameboy%20advance%20gba
  • http://www.completeroms.com/roms/gameboy-advance

Site to download SNES Games 2017:

  • http://romhustler.net/roms/snes
  • http://www.doperoms.com/toproms.php?system=super%20nintendo%20snes
  • http://www.completeroms.com/roms/super-nintendo

Site to download NES Games 2017:

  • http://romhustler.net/roms/nes
  • http://www.doperoms.com/toproms.php?system=nintendo%20nes
  • http://www.emuparadise.me/Nintendo_Entertainment_System_ROMs/13

How to add Free games to Nintendo 3DS in 2017?

Play NDS/GBA/SENS/NES games on the 3DS, you need R4 3ds flashcard. R4 card hacks the 3DS Firmware to support Nintendo ds games. They are working with the kernel and microsd card to support multi-ds roms on 3DS/3DS XL/2DS/NEW 3DS consoles. R4 3ds card should be inserted into 3DS slot too, it has a lot of functions. Such as play free ds games, supports homebrews&apps and it is also letting users watch movie, listen to music, read e-books on 3DS more easily and conveniently. Want to buy an R4 card? It’s very cheap to get in R4SKY3DS.com. Do not know how to use the R4 card? You can also find answers in Google or in the blog of R4SKY3DS.com.

Play 3DS games on the 3DS, you need Sky3ds+ card. Sky3ds+ is the 3ds game supported flash card. It is just liking the 3ds retail game cart, but it lets users play many 3ds games not only a single game. Sky3ds+ is supporter over 400 3DS Games on your 3DS/N3DS/2DS consoles. The price is much expensive than R4, but it’s the cheapest choice for 3ds gamers to play Hundreds of games. If you feel interest on the card, go to this site R4SKY3DS.com to have a look.

Is it safe for hacking 3DS V11.3 with using flash cart?

Yes, your console is safe, no ban, no brick if you choose the genuine SKY3DS+ and R4I 3DS RTS. They are supporting 3ds latest firmware version 11.3.0-36.

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