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Whatever Happened to These Gaming Gems?


In an ever-changing world it can be quite difficult to keep up with what will be coming out next and what the best games and peripherals are out there and which ones we do and don’t want. However, it is quite easy to know, from past experience, what we do actually want to see again. Gaming companies seem to have got themselves in to an obsessive habit of releasing the next best game or peripheral and consequently forgotten about some of the older stars of the show that we in the modern day would love to see return. Over the following I will do my level-best to take you down memory lane and remind you of a few of the delights that time forgot.

Light Guns

I remember playing Duck Hunt in a Christmas wrapping paper littered room playing this timeless classic with my father and being absolutely bowled over at this cutting-edge technology (it, was 1991) and having an absolute blast shooting the ducks for hours on end. A little later in life, I remember playing Time Crisis on a Playstation 1 with the cool, mean-looking light gun that came bundled with the game, it was brilliant. I thought so, my friends thought so, everyone thought so. So, the question is raised; where the heck did these go?

Surely, it can’t be down to the lack of interest as these things really were the knees of the bees. Imagine if light guns were available for the games of today. The experience would be phenomenal. They wouldn’t cost too much to produce and would sell like the proverbial hotcake. Bring them back!

Dual Play

An extremely promising concept with a lot of prospects for multiplayer games across the board. Yet, one so seldom seen. Dual Play offered the chance for two people to play on the same screen without splitting the viewing area simply by wearing a pair of glasses (similar to the new 3D ones). It was actually Dual Play that swayed me to purchase a £2,000 television set a few years ago, and I sincerely wish I went for the few extra inches instead. My disappointment is due to the lack of games that support this wonderful feature, back then and even now. In fact, the only game that I know to support Dual Play is Black Ops 2. I played for hours with my stepson and never found any real problems that would have put me off the experience. Yes, there was a little ghosting from time-to-time, but nothing that couldn’t be ironed out and made perfect for future releases. As much as I try, I fail to see any logical reason why developers never continued supporting it.

Portable Machines

We all remember (or know of) the classic pioneers of handheld gaming consoles, the GameGear, and, of course, the GameBoy. Whilst these machines are quite dated now for the tastes of today people still have a place in their hearts for their retro charms. We have long been promised a portable Xbox, yet there is still no sign on the horizon of there arrival. It could be argues that to handle the shear power of today’s consoles the devices would need to be huge, but take a look at some of the latest phones. Take a look at their capabilities and you will fast become aware that the same could be applied to a real gaming device. So, come on, Bill. We are waiting.


Yes, just simple simpleness. It’s a quality that seems to be fast-dying in the avalanche of over-complex titles that have cascaded upon us in recent years. What happened to the way that things used to be done; things that made games in to timeless classics?

Admittedly, there’s some great rebuilt classics available for the PC, but many of the developers try and add a tiny extra dash of ‘va-va-voom’ to them and break the game beyond all recognition, as these games were designed to be simple. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some pretty cool retro games out there. Retro Game Crunch, for example is a fantastic retro game, because it keeps the simplicity. This makes it a diamond among many thorns and definitely one to look out for. In fact, use this G2A discount code and go an get a copy post-haste. No fancy graphics or over-complications, just a simple game and that’s what makes it a masterpiece and a real reason they should bring simplicity back to the world of games.


Here I presented just a few of the sadly missed treasures of gaming history. There are so many things of the past that would make an ideal transition to the world of today. Maybe one day we will be lucky to see a return of these little diamonds in the future, but with the technological race being so driven by the chances of releasing the “next best thing”, I highly doubt it.

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