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VEL'KOZ IS MY ANSWER TO ZOE! – Climb to Master Season 10 | League of Legends


Hey guys! We’re enjoying Vel’Koz right now, we’re in opposition to a Zoe and Vel’Koz appears to be on one of the few mages that may cope with Zoe. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Vel’Koz Mid (*10*).

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VEL’KOZ IS MY ANSWER TO ZOE! – Climb to Master Season 10 | League of Legends

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  1. 4:43 Ah, you've discovered my favorite category of champion. I like to call them "tank assassins." For much like a tank takes no damage, and an assassin deals a lot of damage, tank assassins do both of these things. Zac and Poppy are the top champions in this category, but there may be others I am yet unaware of.

  2. Been a while since I watched one of your vids (stopped playing), but you seem way more fit and healthy from the last time I watched. Keep it up!

  3. I think karthus bot is a really good pick tbh, pornstar zilean got to 1000lp with an 87% winrate playing Draven and karthua bot

  4. Hi Huzz! Most Velkoz mid players (including me) go 3 points in W before maxing Q because it helps the waveclear a lot, can you explain why you didn't this game?

  5. Zoe is the only champion I havnt brought using any blue essence cuz I refuse to even affiliate with that champ… XD

  6. I've been guilty of going like 0/13 a couple games this season (although with a KDA barely just above 1 as support those games) It's what sucks of playing Leona from behind being unable to engage because the team is weak or not getting any follow up

  7. legit watched it back 4 times at the 19:45 teamfight for what killed you. her sleep bubble was like directly under the corner by the river on the wall. thats what got ya

  8. This was truly a fun match to watch! During the video i was still uncertain about who were going to win, but boy did you and your team do good with the itemization. Learnt a lot, love your vids and your stream, cheers from Norway

  9. 12:49 they full ap though, and you guys have a tank who can itemize heavily against that, and a trundle who can make thier tank into a squishy while getting giga tanky, and have a actual adc while they dont. i would say you guys have scaling in your favor. 28:58 what did i say? thier comp sucked, cause full ap, and you guys have 2 tanks, and a trundle. all 3 can itemize tons of mr against them, and thier one tank, gets countered by trundle making him squishy, an ashe who can melt him fast, thx to more than 3.0 attack speed, combined with bork, and a vlkoz ult powered by liandries. just no way for them to survive, nor be able to get damage through.

  10. Huzz! it was a bubble that was under the torch in the wall. you can see it here 19:37 i believe that good video evidence of a bug in zoe's kit

    you walked into the invisible circle which was under the torch in the wall.

  11. 19:40 You didn't get hit by Zoe bubble, you did get hit by Karthus ult and then your health started ticking down till you died. My guess is it was a combo of red buff and Liandry's dot dmg.

  12. I love the Vel'Koz content recently Huzz! I'm a Vel'Koz main and I love seeing videos on him. Keep up the great content recently! I find Zoe matchup pretty easy until mid-late game because at that point she can just spam her E,Q and R and be super annoying

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