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URGOT TO BE…. Ok not this title again! IS HE GOOD? – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


Today we’re checking out Urgot top! He’s been hovering around for a little while but I thought I’d give him a go! Like, Comment & Subscribe! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Urgot Top Gameplay.

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URGOT TO BE…. Ok not this title again! IS HE GOOD? – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. the amount hes enjoying urgot makes this the best video from him ive seen. thank you for this AMAZING content.

  2. QOTD: I have no idea if it’s still happening but I can’t wait for Dragon Age 4!!

  3. I'm looking forward to Shadowlands. It's the first WoW expansion I've been properly hyped for since WoTLK. I'm also cautiously excited for the new Fable.

  4. I honestly have no idea what riot was thinking giving what was already the best defensive AD item armor and magic resist

  5. If Braum is E-ing in front of a low health ally when Urgot reactivates his R, Braum blocks the execute chain and is dragged instead and executed no matter how much health he has.

  6. Hey huzz i have 1 curious question.
    Are lilia's stats the same in live servers as the ones is the pbe server when you last played or did they adjust her stats?

  7. what website does he use to look what the other players are like, eg. the otp janna ?

  8. Probably the only one with this answer but I'm really looking forward to CK3's release.

  9. I really want to play Hitman 3. I love these games so much, especially Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2. Mission in Dubai looks very promising.

  10. when urgot casts his 2nd R he shoots out chains that go really fast to drag the enemy into his belly. the chains are a projectile. yasuo w blocks projectiles.

  11. During the first dragon fight Blitzcrank was body-blocking the Jhin's ult, so there's a good chance Draven would have died anyway.

  12. with the yas wind walling the urgot r, yas windwall didnt block the drag it blocked the chains (that go out on recast) from reaching him preventing the drag

  13. QOTD most likely watchdogs legion as i love open world games and the strategy of doing whatever you want to complete a mission appeals to me. A second would be cyberpunk tho

  14. I'm starting to love this crab turret recently after playing him more frequently and his lore is interesting. QOTD: Elden Ring is what I'm most excited for. Love the work from software does

  15. "Used to work for Bethesda" I'm still not sure this is quite correct… I commented on your other video:

    "Did Obsidian quit Bethesda? I think they were just in a publishing contract? For New Vegas?

    They're the guys that made original Fallout (kinda) and Fallout 2, Baldur's Gate. etc. Maybe some Bethesda employees quit to work for Obsidian though. Fallout was theirs originally."

    Anyone know any more about this?

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