Truth Seekers Review: An Affectionate British Tribute to Horror


Frost performs Gus Roberts, a broadband engineer along with his personal paranormal YouTube channel – The Truth Seeker of the title – and a previous bereavement. Gus lives with dad Richard (Malcolm McDowell, clearly having enjoyable on the again) in an environment of benign neglect and insults. At work, Gus is reluctantly paired with beginner Elton (Samson Kayo), a teenager he inducts into the world of ghost-hunting. 

Also within the ensemble is Elton’s sister Helen (Susan Wokoma), one other YouTuber and agoraphobic sci-fi fan whose cosplay can be competition-winning, if she may ever really attend a contest. On their rounds, Gus and Elton stumble throughout Astrid (Emma D’Arcy), a younger girl in want of their assist. Julian Barratt, Kevin Eldon and Morgana Robinson, in addition to a couple of different good surprises, spherical issues out. It’s a likeable forged of oddball characters and feel-good, acquainted faces. 

The broadband set up premise is a helpful one which retains Gus and Elton on the highway, visiting a sequence of areas every with their very own ghostly tales. Boss Dave (Simon Pegg) is the Charlie to their angels, sending them out on every day missions across the nation. Pegg’s largely static position retains him at a distance from Frost’s peripatetic character, which is able to disappoint anyone hoping for extra of the pair’s Cornetto Trilogy chemistry. Truth Seekers isn’t in that world. If you need a comparability, it’s nearer to goofy alien highway film Paul than Frost and Pegg’s Edgar Wright-directed collaborations.

As you’d count on from these creators, it’s drenched in popular culture homage. The greatest tribute is to Frost and Pegg favorite The X-Files, which lends Truth Seekers its serialised-with-overarching-mythology construction. The stories-of-the-week are steadily revealed to be extra than simply curiosities, and mix to feed right into a single narrative that culminates in an against-the-clock race to defeat a villain. 

It makes for an terrible lot of story. The 25-minute episodes have a staggering quantity of mythology to clarify, which forces every script into spending extra time on exposition than jokes. Promising stabs at pathos aren’t allowed sufficient house within the edit, and the top product feels considerably out of breath and hyperactive. 

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