XBox 360

Top Xbox Exclusive Boss Fights of All Time


Over the final couple of weeks, we’ve finished these options for Nintendo and Sony unique video games. Doing one for Xbox is so much tougher, owing merely to the truth that Xbox doesn’t have as wealthy of a historical past with boss fights as the opposite two platforms do. But that doesn’t imply there haven’t been any highlights at all- and on this characteristic, we’ll be speaking about some of our favorite boss fights in Xbox-exclusive video games through the years.

NOTE: There are spoilers forward for all video games talked about on this characteristic. If you see us speaking a few sport you don’t need spoiled, skip forward to the following entry.


The boss battle in opposition to the Berserker Matriarch in Gears 5 was most likely one of the most effective moments in your entire sport. An ideal mix of problem and tight design, the battle noticed gamers having to tackle a rampaging beast because it charged at you with beautiful ferocity. Navigating round her and attacking her weak level was infamously gruelling, however the hook of dunking her within the ice chilly water beneath her feat added a pleasant little twist to the encounter.

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