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TIME TO CARRY WITH SHEN! – Duo to Master | League of Legends


Welcome again to Duo to Diamond! We return on Shen and we now have a close to good sport! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Shen Top Gameplay. Vicksy:

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TIME TO CARRY WITH SHEN! – Duo to Master | League of Legends

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  1. Nice vid Huzzy. do i noticed at 2:35 when the like and subscribe ting comes up, the sound when it clicks "like" and "subscribe" sounded kinda scuffed? maybe try and fix that next time, anyway good vid and looking forward to more <3

  2. sadly we couldn't achieve ultimate shen mode. we had inferno shen, Sunfire, and infernal drake. if only we had ignite to add another layer of fire.
    mostly a comment for the algorithm. great video as always.

  3. At the beggining of the video you have so much free space on the screen. You should add a title or something reffered at what you are talking about so we can now. Im not really a fan of watchin you talk for two minutes without knowing what will you talk about.

  4. Definitely enjoy Shen games. Always glad to see a duo game. You guys work very well together. I watched this game on stream.

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