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We’re taking part in the Fishy Fizz! His harm is… one thing else. It must be nerfed quickly? Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Fizz Mid Gameplay.

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  1. no offence huzz but you cant be screaming nerfs after you laned a xerath as fizz, im a fizz main everybody knows thats gg just trust me on that

  2. That was…crazy to see. Not sure how they'll adjust the damage down (though now I agree they need to do so) without reverting the entire item changes. Just adjusting the numbers will make many champions completely non-viable.

  3. I have said, ever since I started playing the game, that Fizz is broken. I have friends that have been playing since the beta that Fizz has never been balanced. F**K FIZZ.

    Hey, Riot: you want to balance this game? Delete the assassins. Get rid of them. All of them.

  4. Well just finished the video. And I I dont think I've ever audibly exclaimed during s YouTube video "What si that damage!?" That manu times Lol

  5. I just started the video, not sure how this twitch goes. Im just predicting it does awful because eive had THREE games with an ap twitch now and they've all fed horribly. Like 0/9 kind of feeding. 3 games in 1 dayblmao

  6. Fizz and Ekko need a nerf, but saying all items are broken is wrong, theres just too much front loaded damage. Champions do too much damage in general imo

  7. I wish Huzz had checked how much damage his mythic item had done at the end of the game. It might have been as much as some entire champions did

  8. I got a (bad) idea for a series: meme or meta builds? premise: do a farfetched build for a champ (example in the past: gnar had a 100% ap ratio on his w 3 hit so a memey build was ap, or tank veigar/brand with how strong their passives were without items, on hit bard), and see how strong it is with the broken new items and if the items can carry the pick.

  9. Sure fizz is strong against Xerath but The easiest matchup for fizz is definetly veigar if you kniv how to play him

  10. These new items are just gross, they are all overturned to an absolutely disgusting extent. There is also way too many broken item interactions, that need to be fixed.

  11. I think if they didn't surrender they would have won…. Huzzy would have died from the excitement leaving 4v5

  12. i think its funny how the problem s10 was too much burst healing, now they take the burst healing away by removing athenes, AND add crazy burst damage. New healing item gives pathetic amounts of healing item to enchanters it's like rationing heals but the damage burst is overwhelming so heals are nonexistent. I don't play nami for her heals i play for her damage with imperial.

  13. I feel like fizz was kinda always like this idk I play a ton of xerath so I understand this dudes pain lmao, I think most of the extra damage being shown here is from the two spellblade like passive on both night harvester and lich bane, I feel like night harvester should build out of sheen and have the unique passive spellblade but that just me.

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