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Hey guys! Today we’re watching Rank 2 EUW play Qiyana and this sport will most probably shock you on how a lot harm Qiyana can deal! It’s nuts! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Qiyana Mid Gameplay.

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  1. If you watch the her, when Zed ults she always places her back to a wall to secure a wall stun ult. Very clever.

  2. I am one that really likes qiyanna but havent played her in a little bit but she is the only champ i remember getting a pentakill on

  3. I feel like Qiyana may be a decent Zed counter. Everytime he ulted her she ulted back as soon as he connected. It pushes him off of her and deals massive damage while stopping his combo.

  4. give a leblanc that early of a lead she’d probably oneshot any squishy with a q w combo alone, without ultimate.

  5. do these series of videos have the purpose of getting invited to work as a commentator? i certainly freaking hope so. you are good it with smooth and clear speech

  6. This player is animation canceling her abilities ridiculously well. He's using 2 Q's so fast that it looks like one. There's a few times you've pointed out that she "only used an E and a Q" when it actually is 2 Q's + E + AA.

  7. i don't fully see the problem in this because isn't that what an assasin is suposed to like the amount of times talon kills me without ult same with rengar etc.

  8. KASSADIN GOT NERFEDDDD, they added a effect that shows where kass will r bef he goes there

  9. 2:20 the kda skin (True Damage) 😆😆😆😆 also the title 😆😆😆 huzzy makes my rough day better by not even trying but by just being him! 😁😁

  10. I started playing this game again since my daughter asked me to play. After 2 days, I was reminded of why I quit this game. Community is still very toxic. Sure they are learning to get around the reporting system and still only play to just skirt the rules… until RIOT puts some real anti-toxic and anti-troll rules in place, I think this game will continue to decline. I'm back to playing other games.

  11. Yea i''m one of those Qiyana players. But I dont think shes strong just because of her dmg. All assassins do big dmg when ahead (I do think she can pull the dmg off somewhat easier though). What makes her strong to me is the threat she carries even if she isn't fed. We have even seen in your videos that you weren't doing super well (if I recall) but one ultimate changed the game around. That's why I think she's ridic strong. No matter how fed an adc will be scared of her with her ultimate and ice/water Q

  12. Actually, Zed can escape Qiyana's ult before the damage is done with his ult or by switching with a shadow

  13. She also used flash, ignite, and tiamat active, on a zed with a little more than half hp. I would loke to point out that darius can do that much damage without any items or summoners. I've seen tanks one shot the adc… and you are calling an ASSASSIN'S damage nuts? Love you huzzy but Im just not so sure I agree with you here

  14. I'm a Qiyana main and honestly, even in this video Qiyana feels really weak. They outplay really hard but don't get much reward

  15. lol bro i was gonna msg you and ask you to do this vid bcuz i recently bought her to learn her mechanics great minds mann

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