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Welcome to a different Patch Note breakdown! The Patch is tomorrow and it is Patch 10.16b. There are some very attention-grabbing decisions right here… Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Patch Note Rundown.

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  1. As to the healing and shielding supports feeling so all or nothing, i think that has a lot to do with how the game has shifted towards more burst oriented play, and it feels so much more binary. Either someone gets one-shot and cant do anything, or they survive the first rotation and murder everything. Healing and shielding follow this in that if they save someone theyre too good and if they dont then theyre useless. If the meta was more focused towards sustained damage it would be far less of an issue, as cooldowns become more relevant than the raw amounts, but right now the amounts are all that can be worked with when youre worried about burst alone most games.

  2. And I like how Nautilus got a sheild nerf while his R is a problem. But lulu can still give half hp sheild to adc and Riot is like eh it's fine. Did anyone ever look at enchanted support winrate and tank support winrates? I defenetly see a difference between 48% and 52%

  3. I don’t understand why people complain about these minor nerfs and buffs. Riot made it clear their goal is to make every champ playable not nerf or buff them into oblivion to force the Meta.

  4. I'm curious, has anyone actually tested the effects of +-5 MS? I see a lot of people saying it changes nothing, and just as many people saying it has a notable effect on win%. There's no consensus, and I can't think of a single person who has actually taken two champions (one with 330 MS and one with 325 MS) into a game for testing, and then uploaded those test results somewhere.

    Personally, I'm not convinced that a lower win% can be attributed solely to -5 MS; correlation doesn't imply causation, after all. There could be item changes, other champions getting buffed/nerfed, etc.
    As an example, Quinn tends to see a surge in win% whenever bruisers (whom she counters) become more prevalent — if Quinn got a +5 MS buff at the same time as bruisers becoming prevalent, you wouldn't say her higher win% is because of the +5 MS, you'd say it's because there are more helpless bruisers for her to feed off of.

    In the case of Caitlyn, here's some quick math: if you have 2 Caitlyns, one with 5-less MS, both moving in a straight line parallel to each other, it would take 20 seconds for them to be separated by 100 units (or, the size of biggest Krug's hitbox). Likewise, it would take 13 seconds to be separated by 65 units, or the size of Caitlyn's own hitbox — to put it another way, moving for 1 second separates them by a distance of 1/13th the size of Caitlyn's hitbox.
    In lane phase, it's not unreasonable to suggest that you'll be moving for, at most, about 1 second before doing something else (like switching directions or attacking), and a more realistic time would be somewhere between 0.5 and 1 second: So, is a difference of 1/26th to 1/13th the size of your hitbox going to have an appreciable effect, especially in Silver to Platinum where most of the player-base lies? My gut reaction says no — I doubt even pro players are precise enough to consistently make use of a 2.5 to 5 unit difference — but like I mentioned above, I don't think anyone's actually tested it.

  5. To be fair, I think the 5 movemant speed nerf were neccessary, probably should be more nerfs but still
    Basically all ADCs has 325 MS and giving Cait 330 last patch just gave her that slight edge when chasing people in addition to her massive range

  6. I'll be honest, if Riot put in as much effort into balancing as they do in coming up with patch note puns, the game would be in a much healthier place.

  7. Nerf Lux to go back to mid where she belongs. Ekko and Death's Dance needs harsh nerfs or boost anti-healing items.

  8. MS is a one of the most important stats in the game. The 10 MS nerf on Swain made him sooo slow he can barely move.

  9. ok the balance team doesn't play anymore…kassadin sylas is untouched,healing nothing…-5 ms on cait???? where is akali? ekko…

  10. Remember back in the first few seasons when riot nerfed vlad and his winrate dropped like a rock and people whined about how overnerfed he was and it turned out they hadn't changed anything at all on accident? that's what they're going for with 5 movement speed nerfs. nerfs and buffs are sometimes entirely to satisfy whiners with a placebo, and it actually does have an effect.

  11. The Nerf on Caitlyn is very big tho cause she's squishy and decreasing her Ms is equal to decreasing her safety in lane or in a team fight her damage. The damage tho,well she's a squishy adc so her damage so her damage made up for her flaws

  12. 1. Lux is a pretty good champ to me. She does good both mid and bot imo.
    2.Riots balance team is a joke. -5 movement speed? wow
    3. Proof of that is the fact that they nerf champions 1 – 2 patches later after they gave that champion a buff.
    4.Has riot ever not buff/nerf a champion in any given patch? The fact that they apply buff/nerfs to champs every single patch says alot.

  13. While I do agree that this is a pretty confusing and underwhelming patch overall, I do think you're seriously underestimating the Caitlyn nerfs. It's a revert of exactly what made her so oppressive in the first place. 5 ms 2ad took her from fine to oppressive. People underestimated the MS then and I think you're making that same mistake now. Like you said, the small number tuning matters more than people think. Movespeed is especially underestimated, and is possibly more important on adcs than even anyone else. Unrelatedly, what is up with those Qiyana nerfs???

  14. Edit: oh btw that MS nerf was a revert of a buff of last patch 🙂

    Cait strong
    Cait buffed
    Cait op
    Riot: surprised pikachu face

  15. clearly riot is mocking us with that cait and yone nerf
    and as a aatrox player ur kidding me ? u call that a buff

  16. I'm sorry, but I cant agree with anyone saying Kai'Sa isnt easy. She's literally Vayne but easier in every single way

  17. 2:45: Whilst it definitely wont bring her down to the level of most other ADC's, I feel that nerf will hit Caitlyn harder that what may initially seem. When they did a similar nerf to Kassadin and Irelia those champs didn't really care as they have great mobility options in their kits anyway so it really meant nothing to them. Give it to an ADC like Caitlyn who has little in mobility options , outside of her e which isn't really a good mobility tool anyway, it will be easier to catch her out of position. Again she will definetly be an S/S+ tier ADC but this change might be more noticable than expected. However that's just my two cents.

  18. The movespeed buff just seems like a big FU to all the tanks that get outkited by this ADC…moment of silence for my Garen, Darius, Sett, and Volibear players :'(

  19. (Sarcasm warning)
    Evelynn: destroys tanks
    Tank Mains: OH NO, we aren't immortal, now we're useless, It's not like we already do insane amounts of damage
    Riot: NERF IT!

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