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A brand new Patch is upon us and it brings rather a lot of adjustments! Some questionable to me… like buffs to Fiora and Jax? Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Patch Note Breakdown.

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  1. I always question why Riot would buff Fiora & Hecarim.

    And i wish the Neeko buffs woulda been a bit better. Seems very minor.

  2. Always love these videos Huzz <3 very informative! I am honestly scared of fiora…..she snowballs so hard already and now she can spam her Q easily….I think she might be a ban now. Also scared of trist…..her stupid E chunking both adc and support AND the turret AND crit as well…..omg riot what are you thinking ugh. There are too many champs to ban out rn 🙁 help!

    As always, I agree with you Huzz I don't know why Sylas, Ekko, and others don't get nerfed. Heck, even changing Ekko's Ult to a 2 min cooldown would help! But nope, we gotta nerf Sett cause he is a huge problem LOL.

  3. From a Yasuo main perspective, I think I am more excited about the mr buff than ulti damage. I think the ultimate damage will be more of a way to get people to ban Yasuo more lol since they'll think is broken etc. but current Yasuo is doing 400 base damage on his R. Going by what huzzy said he ults 3 people, he was doing 1200 and in 10.16 it'll be 1500. 100 to each enemy is not to be a deal I think. especially if the Yasuo is good than the extra 100 damage from r won't be too impactful since he will probably have won lane and is snowballing anyways. so I don't think this buff was needed for Yasuo but who knows I am only plat1 so I guess I could be wrong. I think they are aiming more at having a team comp build around Yasuo for pro play. so if you are an average league player I don't think this will be a concern. Especially if you are good and know how to counter Yasuo play style. you'll be just fine. if anything ill probably ban more Akali just cuz it might incentivize more people to play her and I hate seeing her

  4. I have to admit I've not played League seriously for the last 6 months. I still do watch content to see if anything pops up that sparks my interest, but honestly as long as they keep balancing the game in this "Carry / flashy champs" way I'm not coming back to the game. It feels they really don't care about fairly balancing simple champions vs complex champions. I feel that if someone wants to play a complex character and then performs badly then that should be that. They shouldn't over buff those champs (Fiora, Yasuo, Akali etc) who you see do really well in higher levels of play and who suck lower down. High skill champs when played well, will win regardless just because of the way they are designed. A simpler Champion when over buffed is an issue because EVERYONE can play them. I'd argue that buffing complex champs so that more people can play them has the opposite effect, as the gap between a great Yasuo player and a bad one, gets even bigger the more buffs you give them. A bad player is gonna play bad on a hard champ regardless of how much you buff it.

  5. Boy~ oh boy~!

    I can't wait to hear what Hashinshin has to say about that Jax buff!~★

    Oh, right, he's busy with the nerfs on his reputation.

  6. they keep nerfing Karma since she's a problem in proplay, but it's mostly for that Mantra'd E – and they're fixing that by…nerfing her Q and forcing her even further into a shieldbot? i mean, i understand that riot doesn't give a shit about Karma since they can't even give her a proper running animation or a recall/dance (both are just animations copied from Shen's dance), and Dawnbringer Karma still isn't available even in rerolls, but do they have to gut her gameplay like that, too?

  7. Ahh they hit voli with the good old movement nerfs did they 😂 completely ignoring the fact that full tank voli can legit one shot people and never die…

  8. Yeah, now i am definitely sure that i will uninstall this game, lol. Late game hyper carries getting buffs for early and they already win the early game anyway- Fiora and Jax, while everything about assassins has been nerfed.

  9. “If everything is overpowered than nothing is overpowered” (RIOT Games, 2020). I dont play the game anymore because of OP champs and toxic players but I enjoy the content. Huzzy keep up the good work!

  10. The really annoying thing about noct mid is that if you overextend he can just kill most midlaners and if you stay safe he gets to roam. It's just not fun to play against because there isn't any counterplay except pinging. Or counter picking.

  11. Yeah so Syndra is getting nerfed, but not ekko or Kassadin. According to Riot Balance team, Jax is too weak early game even though he can still beat many bruisers early on.

  12. I think it's baffling how for all these years I have been chanting that Jax is way too powerful of a braindead pick and desperately needs a nerf and here Riot sits buffing him.. Really interesting how devs and players often have completly different views on balancing. Granted, the buff itself is very minor but the fact that one-of-the if not the unversially strongest spells in the game gets a buff seems… to be a questionable choice..

  13. They nerfed Fiora into oblivion since the re-work…You have a parry that was 24 sec cd…and it will remain that way for a long time since you are maxing W last…
    Most top lanesr has some form of CC every 3 to 5 seconds…The CD from W should decrease for 1 second for each vital hit…itl would give a lot more versatility and planned action…take a trade to reduce the CD to plan for a second earlier trade…

  14. As a nocturne and khaz ikx main I was sad to see them getting nerfed but after having read what they were nerfing I understand fully, I never liked seeing noc as a lane champ and I felt really strong with the isolation buff (I specifically remember bullying a jg nunu and wilup to were they almost left)

  15. Fiora main, saw her on buff list, laughed out loud. 5 points in q seems to be the same, buff in early game. She did NOT need any buff lol

  16. The fiora buffs are pretty minor,the cooldown for q if you hit an enemy target is virtually unchanged if you do the math. The only buffs are when she doesn't hit a target which barely impacts combat

  17. The sett nerfed was aimed at supp/jng where you would only stack HP and rely on the base values of his abilities

  18. Cant we do like a petition to ask papa Rito to improve their balancing skills cuz im quiting the game a this point…

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