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THEY FINALLY NERFED AKALI! Patch 8.22 Rundown | League of Legends


The closing Season Eight patch is right here and we lastly get some modifications which have been wanted for some time; primarily an Akali nerf, it probably wont be sufficient. Let me know what you assume of the patch notes and like and sub! League of Legends Patch 8.22 Patch Note Rundown.

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  1. People who hates akali want to see her getting nerfed. People who TRULY love her will keep playing her anyways. Nerfing her only harm those who use akali because she is strong at the current patch. PLEASE GOD JUST NERF HER. Keep nerfing her until nobody plays her. Then I can finally be able to play someone that I've been playing for the past 4 years. Thank you!

  2. My biggest problem with Akali is how quickly she re-stealths after attacking in her W; you aren't given a proper window of time to punish her when she pops out of her shroud because she becomes invisible again so quickly, ESPECIALLY if you're relying on a targeted ability, which gets cancelled when she re-shrouds (another thing I think they should change; if the ability's cast animation goes off I think it should still hit her when she goes back into shroud).

  3. Huzz PLEASE keep doing patch run downs. I don't think one video every couple of weeks would be too much, and you're honestly the best patch run down video I've seen, and that's compared to people like scarra.

  4. I am really lucky. I have a bye from cricket on Saturday, so that is going to be my last minute grind for gold, and I'm feeling confident. I just need to win the game I'm playing now to get silver 1 and then grind on Saturday to get to gold.

  5. Btw Huzzy , What do u think of the Bounty system ?
    imo i feel it's gonna cause some weird stuff , like people gonna rage more about taking kills with high bounty
    maybe people won't focus the right target in the team fight , like leave the dmg dealer alive and go killing the full tank cause he has a high bounty and stuff ..
    maybe it just me , so what do u think about it ?

  6. There hasnt been a Pyke in my games forever, because I perma-ban him.
    As a support main its so annoying to deal with a champion how regens poke, one mistake and he kills you, but if he misspositions can just dash out for 40 mana and get camouflage and ms for 50 mana. Oh and still ignores any shields with his blink execute(As Janna I cant shield my adc against it or interrupt him with tornado, and he still outruns your team if you hit him with W).
    Dealing with Thresh, Blitz, Nautilus or Tham is a cakewalk compared to this guy.

  7. I love these videos but i wish you read stuff properly XD nunu heal is the exact same on jg monsters and lb is getting a light nerf cause new items will nerf her harder soon

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