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The Surge 2 Guide – How To Defeat All Bosses


Deck13’s The Surge 2 has fairly a couple of bosses to cope with. It may not on the extent of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice however there are nonetheless loads of difficult bosses. Let’s break down tips on how to beat all of them.

Violent Vic

Your first boss battle is Violent Vic and it’s pretty easy: Aim for the pinnacle. You’ll have to dodge his combos and may’t actually hit him anyplace else as a consequence of all of the armor. But goal his head, whittle him down and also you’re good to go.

Warden Garcia

Found within the JCPD Lobby of the Detention Center, Warden Garcia will unleash a 3 hit combo to start out off. Attack as soon as the combo finishes. His drone will finally begin concentrating on you – disguise behind partitions or preserve shifting to keep away from getting shot. Garcia can even leap at you or throw Molotov Cocktails from a distance. Dodge these by leaping to the facet.

Little Johnny

The goal of this battle is to destroy the boss’s cooling tanks. You’ll discover two underneath the cockpit and one on every leg for a sum whole of 5. When going for the legs, keep away from it assaults and take out the armor whereas destroying the cooling tanks. When attempting to destroy the cooling tanks beneath the cockpit, keep away from its smash assaults (particularly since they will one-shot you). Play it secure and Little Johnny will likely be no extra.


The first part of this battle is straightforward – dodge the Delver’s strikes and assault him. His second part is the place issues get bizarre. The Delver transforms and can transfer shortly between the partitions whereas firing nanites. Once the Delver is on the bottom, assault it. Kill the nanites on the bottom to stop them from therapeutic it.

Phase three sees the Delver slowly propelling itself at you. It’s straightforward sufficient to dodge and counter-attack however remember that this assault can one-shot kill you if it connects.

Captain Cervantes

Captain Cervantes is able to turning invisible and can one-hit kill you whereas on this state. Dodging his assaults and staying on the transfer is paramount. Once he’s seen, assault throughout his wind-up animations. You can even get a couple of hits in earlier than he turns invisible.

Brother Eli

There’s a cost time to Brother Eli’s assaults – use that as an indicator for when to dodge and land a couple of hits on him when the assault finishes. He can dish out some critical injury and the encompassing enviornment is small so watch out. When Eli has misplaced sufficient well being, two minions will spawn in – kill them as shortly as presumably after which rinse, repeat.


H.A.R.O.L.D might be fairly the bane with its nanite assaults and holographic copies which might lunge and electrocute you. The copies are straightforward sufficient to dodge, fortunately. After H.A.R.O.L.D kilos the bottom, assault throughout that window. Dodge and be conscious of the nanites and try to be superb.

Major General Ezra Shields

Ezra Shields has a mech known as the Metal Armor within the first part so assault its leg to start out. While you’re behind it, the mech can’t kick you so use that to your benefit. Dash round in circles as soon as it begins throwing fireplace and transfer again when the flamethrower is charging. Once the flames dissipate, get a couple of hits in.

After the armor has been stripped on a specific limb, assault it. Repeat this course of till the mech is defeated. You’ll then battle Ezra Shields, face to face. While this duel is simple, Metal Armor will nonetheless assault with beams and the flamethrower so that you want watch out. Target and destroy the flamethrower on the mech if it turns into an excessive amount of of an issue.

Delver Echo Alpha

The battle will begin very like the second part of Delver because it stomps, fires nanites and jumps round. Kill the nanites shortly to stop the boss from recovering well being. Dodge its leaps and assault when there’s a gap to kill it.

Brother Eli Revived

Brother Eli is again however his strikes aren’t all that completely different. You’ll nonetheless be dodging his assaults and attacking when he’s open. However, he additionally has the Twin Rigged Spark Aspirant to battle alongside him so that you’ll must be cautious.

Delver Echo Gamma

You simply can’t preserve a great Delver down. The Delver Echo Gamma boss is in Downtown Jericho City and can battle very like the third part of the preliminary Delver battle. Avoid its sluggish assaults, which is able to go away nanites behind it, and destroy the nanites to stop its restoration. Attack it when its open and it’ll fall.


In the CREO Institute of Technology, 4 PROTEUS will assault as quickly as you enter. Don’t fear – they’re not too robust. Dodge or parry accordingly and take out one PROTEUS at a time to emerge victorious.

Matriarch Celeste

As one of many main antagonists, Matriarch Celeste can dish out fairly the injury. She’ll transfer swiftly round and lunge together with her workers – dodge, ensuring to keep away from the AoE injury and counter-attack. The preliminary lunge might be parried as can the follow-up assault from above – as soon as she’s shocked, assault.

In the second part, Celeste can have mechanical arms and electrical pathways can even emerge on the edges of the world. Her assaults could appear frantic however there’s a approach out – shoot her within the head with the drone for the stagger. Attack a couple of instances and instantly withdraw. Take care to not assault her from behind, lest the mechanical arms retaliate (in the event that they’re too annoying, attempt destroying them). Rinse and repeat to finally defeat Matriarch Celeste.

Goddess Helena

When touring by AID Command, Goddess Helena will emerge to battle you. Though she possesses shields, her assaults aren’t terribly various. Break the protect with a charged vertical assault and lay into her. Though her head beam might be harmful, it’s additionally a great alternative to get some hits in since she strikes slower.

In Phase 2, Goddess Helena will broaden its repertoire of assaults. Keep shut and assault when she makes use of her beam. Eventually, her protect will likely be restored, with the battle going again to Phase 1. Repeat the method to defeat her.

Archangel Eli

Directional blocking is hard with Archangel Eli as a result of number of assaults and his timing. He can even throw nanites on the bottom and ship a wave of them from beneath at you. Be cautious when attempting to create distance since Eli can throw his sword at you as nicely.

The finest methodology to defeat Archangel Eli is to remain shut, assault and soar backwards twice when he flies up to make use of his AoE assault. Make certain to follow-up instantly after the assault is finished to keep away from his extra devastating strikes. Dodge his combos always, taking care to leap again when vital and victory ought to be yours.