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THE RETURN OF LEE SIN? LET'S HOPE! – Patch Breakdown! | League of Legends


Welcome to a a patch breakdown of Patch 10.21! We cowl all of the upcoming adjustments together with a Lee Sin Buff! This makes me joyful as I used to foremost the champion however have felt his harm a bit missing not too long ago, will the buff be sufficient to attract me again to Lee Sin? Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends PatchWord breakdown.

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THE RETURN OF LEE SIN? LET’S HOPE! – Patch Breakdown! | League of Legends

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  1. I believe samira needs the CC extension for her style points since you need unique spell casts for the points and autos didnt count as far as i know

  2. Honestly aggressive fighty supports like pantheon are by far the most fun supports to play in my opinion. A lot more fun than stuff like soraka or nami

  3. Im kinda ticked that theyre nerfing panth support too. He one of the few supports i like playing. And the while thing with "oh hes not a support." Look at swain. He is designed to be a mid/top mage and hes been played support for a long time now and no one is screaming "BUT I WANT HIM IN LANE!!!"

  4. ngl i think the panth sup was on point. the problem is that he has too much dmg against a support with a flash point and click stun that easily burst most botlaners lvl2. Now he'll be strong enough that he's playable but that he needs a more aggro adc and maybe some poke before all in

  5. Yes, aggressive picks! Gonna be fun to watch 🙂 Especially since I'm a relatively new viewer (less than 6 months) and I have never seen your Lee Sin

  6. my first champ i played was ahri (like most) and she is my most played champ still….what i would give to see her W(foxfire) get completely deleted and replaced …..or maybe increase her scale ratio's so that maybe she can carry,….i remember once u said that ahri's problem is that she's a difficult champ to carry a team with compared to other midlaners….basically id love to see a better late game ahri…not early to mid…..dude imagine if her charm was suddenly able to go through minions, she's be a force to be reckoned with..

  7. wait… did pantheon just go from an early game champion to non existent or will he actually scale? the .point. ratios always confuse me lol

  8. I have to question a point you made: how is nid a scaling champ? I understand she is somewhat item reliant, but I always thought that you played nid for her early duels and counterjungling. She falls off late game because she doesn't have a proper ult and she's a squishy assassin. Her late game is just try to poke with spears and e her carries.

  9. Its funny that they nerf Camille, but they dont touch Fiora and Jax (both sit prettey much on the same win rate – Jax win rate is actually 1% higher than Cams – they have a really high 10% play rate and really high ban rates 10 – 22% and yes, those are high elo stats). Its even funnier if take into account that Camille is actually a much harder champ to play with much more counterplay possibilities while Jax and Fiora are laughing at enemies "You cant touch me".

  10. Everyone has champions they have no interest in. I have always found Lee Sin the most boring champion in league. I don't hate him, just no interest.

  11. Hecarims E is a charge ability. Charged up u deal that "bracket" dmg. If u run into the enemy without charging up u deal less dmg.

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