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A new patch is upon us! Which brings plenty of updates including the return of AP Kog’Maw and the potential death of Yuumi! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Patch Note Breakdown!

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  1. A few notes on Yuumi's new E cost:
    Yuumi's mana cost for this spell, if you don't get any bonus mana and you max E first, remains roughly the same until level 12. It is only after this that her E cost begins to slowly climb, to roughly 100 mana more per E than before by the time you reach level 18. Your passive's cooldown and the amount of mana you get scale up, so the new higher late-game mana cost from E really isn't an issue unless you don't use your passive when it is off cooldown. Prior to level 12, you will barely notice (or even not notice) that her E cost has changed. Only if you purchase mana or take mana runes will there be even a small difference.
    Archangel's Staff is still a very very good purchase. The 25% mana cost discount is helpful to get 1-2 more uses of E before running out of mana, and the huge mana pool synergizes with Manaflow Band which is also still good on Yuumi. (I actually take neither, but I play a hyper-aggressive Yuumi and proc my passive pretty much whenever it is off cooldown.) Presence of Mind is also still good on Yuumi, since you get some current mana back. Nothing suddenly became terrible on Yuumi. Even buying a Sapphire Crystal (purely a mana purchase) is still good; it doesn't help her E much (although it does help marginally due to the portion of flat cost), but it helps her with her Q spamming and R costs quite a bit.
    When Yuumi has blue buff, her new E cost pretty much doesn't matter.
    Currently Yuumi's new E doesn't tell you how much mana you'll actually be spending. You have to math it every time you get more maximum mana (via leveling, a purchase, a rune ramping your mana, or Tear/ArchStaff ramping your pool). Or you have to just assume E won't be up in time, so that you don't make/encourage a dumb play. I hope that they add the current mana number needed to cast to her highlighted E soon. It's very annoying to not know.
    AFK Yuumi's favorite items all have mana regeneration on them. By the time you reach level 12, you should minimally have 1.5 or even 2 full items completed and will have +150% or even 200% base mana regeneration. So if you don't use your passive as much as you really should, you'll still have plenty of mana flowing in.
    I have been playing Yuumi (aggro Yuumi because I think it's far better than AFK Yuumi) to death lately, both pre and post E nerf. It used to be nearly impossible for me to run out of mana after level 13 or so, because her passive was giving me enough for another E on a shorter and shorter passive cooldown. Now, I do eventually run out of mana if I push the pace too hard and don't get blue buff or some other means to help sustain it. But in terms of Yuumi's strength, she's unaffected. She still sustains well enough to poke Vladimir out of mid or poke melee top laners into obscurity. She can still 1v1 a tank Mundo through his ult and then kill him even if he tries to run. She still out-duels early game monsters like Darius, Soraka, and Jax even at levels 1-3 when they are hard to fight. And of course R hasn't changed; Yuumi is still one of the best team fight champions in the game (possibly the best one?) because she has the only mass cc that can move around the map to catch someone it initially missed.

  2. ADCs are so week rightnow. Why is it bothering people that finally they have an item helping them stay alive more than 0.5 second. Im ok with the nerf, but i dont understand Huzz. They should make it ranged only if anything cause it gives a hard to kill champ (like darius, kayn etc) more survivability and dmg too. On ezreal an aphelios it gives a chance too not get killed by a full tank orn in 0.5 sec instead you can be alive for 1 sec.

  3. I recently picked up Yuumi and I get that she's bs, BUT the mana cost is not the issue, the absolutely retarded heal is, when you press E and reset your tanks health bar faster than a Soraka R,W I call bullshit. But giving it a 300+ mana cost late game (I tested it) is the wrong way to balance I think, it'd be better to tone the heal down rather than making it the single most expensive ability in the game (it could cos more than Kassadin ult) personally I don't mind a higher mana cost for it but not a percentage of max mana nothing in the game has that and for good reason. I hope the put it back to a higher but still flat mana cost and need the heal values. Yes because Yuumi doesn't need boots she can build an extra heal/shield power item so the value of the heal should be reduced not the mana cost, to be completely honest though, I don't really notice the mana cost too much in late because fights don't last that long. Also been Testing out a Tear of the Goddess on her not sure it makes any difference tbh cos the year itself increases the cost more than the 10% refund gives you

  4. You can think about the yuumi nerf this way:
    If the spell costs 15% of max mana, then yuumi can only cast the spell 6 times (90%). And that's without even adding the base cost

  5. The Yorick R leash range decrease is a nice buff. Trying to manage the Maiden to me was always troublesome. IDK maby I'm just bad.

  6. I don't think the conqueror should be stacked so quick. A renekton with fury autos and then uses w and then auto q then he has dealt damage 6 times. That does not make sense. He can still activate it with one combo. (fury w deals damage 3 times) It is not for elongated fights if it can be activated with 1 combo.

  7. As a Rakan main, this is okay as a buff. The only buff I really want to give him is slow resistance on ult since over half the champion roster has or can build a movement speed slow. Since he's fairly squishy, getting slowed in the middle of your ult honestly just feels like a death sentence. It feels terrible if I'm honest since that hurts his E dash speed. (Since it scales based on his movement speed.)

  8. I agree 1000% on every reason why you dont like yuumi. especailly the part where the person could just afk whole game. It happened to me once when i was playing vayne adc. that person afked for more than half of the game lol. she just attached to me and afked lol. it was upsetting but i always expect that from a yuumi player honestly.

  9. Yuumi should get a fear when the champ died under her. It is so annoying when she jump to someone else.

  10. I legist stopped playing Yorick because of the nonexistent maiden control was too frustrating

  11. i hate playing against vlad if im not against him. im ok if i am against him but i dont like it if any1 else is against it in my team because he is pretty easy to deal with if you know how to play against him but no1 in my elo knows how to deal with him and then often loses lane and then vlad 1v9

  12. Aphelios is limitted by the guns he gets given by rng so letting him choose to some extent would make him more Op

  13. All the nerfs are for pro play apart from cass. Might be why u dont see ur nerfs. Can u pls explain why u want kass nerfs so badly. Doesnt feel that busted to me. Has no prio early game so enemy jg runs over early game and game is decided before he hits items

  14. i dont think Yuumi is dead at all. she just cant be the laid back press E of cooldown champ anymore. the step in for newbies just became harder but as a main who knows what he's doing, she's still strong. she never really build mana anyway she goes for the mana sustain mostly with the 10+ mps. I think the only ridiculous thing she cant do as quickly anymore is after a fight hop from teammate to teammate and completely heal the whole team to 100%

  15. Just speculating about the potential solution mentioned for fixing Aphelios. It does sound really fun to be able to buy different guns and essentially choose what play style you want to go for in a given game based on the needs within the team comp and the way you like to play. However, there are times when Aphelios might be stuck on a gun that he doesn't want or doesn't fit a situation, which makes him have to be aware of what he can and cannot do and be selective with his engages (in theory). Wouldn't making him buy the guns mean that he could stay on just the really high damage/healing broken guns more often since he would have fewer guns to cycle through?

  16. the yorick change is a buff its ment for his maiden to follow him sooner so it doesn't do something like die to towers

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