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THE POWER OF SCALING! JHIN! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


Welcome back to Iron to Master! We’re playing Jhin today! We’re Vs Lucian who has more lane power and this game shows the power of scaling differences! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Jhin ADC Gameplay.

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THE POWER OF SCALING! JHIN! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. I think Yone looks fun to play and because I play mid most of the time i guess he's gonna be one more champion im my champion-pool

  2. A Jhin video, and one that uses my favourite Jhin skin at that. That’s a treat for me.

  3. Obsidians new game Avowed is in the world of Pillars of Eternity. Highly recommend those games if you like Crpgs and are excited by their new game. The lore and world is fantastic

  4. Something about Yone's character model and animations makes him seem like an action figure with very few points of articulation.

  5. Did Obsidian quit Bethesda? I think they were just in a publishing contract? For New Vegas?
    They're the guys that made original Fallout (kinda) and Fallout 2, Baldur's Gate. etc. Maybe some Bethesda employees quit to work for Obsidian though. Fallout was theirs originally.

  6. Halo looked so genuinely awful. :^)

    There were moments where the graphics looked kinda nice, and moments were it looked like an Xbox 360 game.

    Probably the worst gameplay reveal I've ever seen. It looked so sparse and boring.

    Everything was massive scale, but 0 population, then tiny slow paced firefights where nobody seems to be doing any damage and the protagonist (Chief?) never seems to be in any threat. Just standing there, taking damage and firing 30 bullets per enemy. Why would they make a game with nothing to do in it, so open?

    Huzzy, are you excited for the 40k shooter or STALKER 2?

    I wanted the Rare game to be Viva Pinata. 🙁

  7. Did people really think GoT was Soulsborne? None of the trailers gave that impression, and the developers never made it appear that way. It has a similar parry to Sekiro, but that's p much it.

    I like souls type games, I played Jedi Fallen Order bc of that, and it was hard trash. People saying it was soulslike must have no idea what makes those games appealing. On a surface level it kinda is. Maybe it is, but it's just a bad soulslike. I wish it was either more soulslike or like Ghost of Tsushima open.

    My brother described GoT as Samurai Far Cry 3. I played it, it's pretty much that with third person melee combat.

  8. Your glasses reminded me of my friend and his wife, she locked her keys in her car and they couldn't find the spare. So he decided to drill the lock on the boot, 5 minutes later she found the spare 😂

  9. I think if you like some of the comments ppl will comment more and it will help the algorithm
    So, yea 🙂

  10. After watching you’re video where you played him, I really want to learn him. He looks op and more than that, fun.

  11. I really thought yone might be the one to do it. I play death knight and wow and have been wanting a champion in league that fits that fighter/caster hybrid with maybe some sort of secondary resource but league only adds those mechanics to adcs

  12. I hoped yone would counter yasuo because yasuo killed him and i was thinking that he would come back and take revenge but he just ended up being kind of a support for yasuo or setup for his ult

  13. Huzzy : there is no best champ to climb , u can climb with every champ in the game
    Also Huzzy : LILIA IS POOP !

  14. Yone looks amazing but I was not interested in his kit, until I saw you play him. When you mix it all together with his E mechanic he looks tons of fun.

  15. I'm honestly happy Rito recognises your contribution to the community, Huzzy. You've been around for a very long time and you only brought positivity and promoted non-toxic behaviour. You've more than earned your perks!

  16. Honestly it's really cool how hyped you are about the views

    Taking pride in your work is really positive! keep it up 🙂

  17. Just one thing to say about Yone… Of course all people will be wanting to play him with Yasuo because of the good synergy, but I ALWAYS ban Yasuo. So I will disappoint so many Yasuos wanting to play with Yone and this makes me feel good

  18. I think its a problem that the squishy champs with percent health damage are building tank because it doesn't actually lower their damage much.

  19. 14:48 lol……..they used like 3 flashes to try and kill you there, along with multiple ults…..and your still alive xD 15:01 they walked away from you, cause your team forced them away from you, and instead forced them to pay attention to them.

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