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THE PERFECT SET-UP FOR KAYLE! – Climb to Master Season 10 | League of Legends


We proceed on the principle account enjoying Kayle! A champions I’ve at all times had some success with, we’re towards a Shen who ought to give you the chance to bully me early. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Kayle Top Gameplay.

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THE PERFECT SET-UP FOR KAYLE! – Climb to Master Season 10 | League of Legends

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  1. I remember people crying cause e doesnt cost mana anymore, look at this video and you cryers will see, that this change nothing, what changed things is its mana issue using q and w, believe if this shen wasnt a coward, kayle should have back 3 times before 6, or because her lacking mana to farm decently or or lack hp.

  2. Man i really love such league games this is truely league of legends for me as a guy who is mostly playing for the early game-midgame. Constant fighting a bit of farming here and there getting objectives pushing and ending it maaan this game literally gave me chills. I hate these 50 min games where everybody has 300 cs and literally nothing happens its soo boring.

    I hope the introduction of mythic items will give early game champs a really big headstart to get back into the meta because they can get faster to the mythic items which will give them a huge powerspike and also some early game champs items would be amazing as well.

  3. Just to be clear that how bad he is with kayle so i FF to 20mins and saw his score 1/1 and understood its not worth watching….ROFL

  4. 19:09 power of the supp matchup. morg cait is a poke lane. soraka draven is a sustain lane. sustain lanes are supposed to beat out poke lanes. soraka if i recall right, is also a big counter to morg, one of her bigger counters as well.

  5. Haven't watched in a hot minute. Glad to finally watch a Huzzy video again. Now time to drop that like.

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