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THE PERFECT KARTHUS VIDEO GAME! – Unranked to Diamond – Ep. 133 | League of Legends


Today we play Karthus and also it’s basically the most effective instance of Karthus video game I can do. Let me recognize what champ you desire me to do a comparable episode on! Like and also comment! League of Legends Karthus Mid Gameplay.

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  1. tiamat tham kench can work, cause you use the tiamat to reset your auto attack and stack his passive quicker. though for farm help i like bami's cinder on tham, but i'm a support

  2. i always think your logic regarding the ultimate hat is flawed. surely its better to wait for a better opportunity to use it than just waste it like youve been doing

  3. Its great to have you describing the champion and strategies with the champion. I feel you're channel was built on education and this was a wonderful example of those ideals.

  4. i feel bad for you man never lucky to get out of D or PL.if i duo with some one like with all those thinking and planing i would be a challenger keep the good work much love

  5. Hey @HuzzyGames, can you recommend champs for picking up midlane from other lanes? I'm mostly on ADC and, aside from Annie (training wheels) I'm not sure what to go to that has similarities. Right now I'm just trying to pick up Brand in my support games.

  6. I'm thinking of picking up Karthus but my map awareness as a midlaner isn't great so I'll probably lose a lot of opportunities to ult if I'm not pinged by my team. Anyway, are you gonna play Zyra anytime soon? I noticed she's in your donation pool so I was just wondering. She's one of my favourite champions right now so I'm excited to see you play her in S8 soon xD

  7. I had a game on Karthus where I was falling behind, but my Jinx was getting fed, so I built Rylai+Liandry and just stood between her and the enemy team with my E on. I didn’t care if I died, I cared that Jinx lived every fight and got as many kills as possible.

  8. I think the Ahri watches too much Faker stream… He often does this, and what the Ahri was trying to do in the beginning is basically freeze the wave there, by pulling the minions to the side, but she completely mucked it up. And besides, there is no way she can do that against a Karthus, who can just spam Q the wave anyway.

  9. I don't play league anymore. I never really played against other humans and my csing was even way worse than yours. My game knowledge was pretty good, with the exception of understanding when/where to ward. I think I just wound up watching too much LCS and getting demoralized by the realization of the fact I could never even come close to being nearly as good.

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