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The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon DLC – Official Announcement Trailer


The Outer Worlds gets new DLC with Peril on Gorgon. Play a brand-new noir-tinged adventure that takes players to the Gorgon Asteroid to investigate the mysterious origin of Adrena-Time.

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  1. They finally need to fire their animators. I mean everything here is looking good, except the wooden animations are really jarring.

  2. A game so bad, not even Mods can fix it! The Outer Worlds is a dumpster fire of overhyped proportions!

  3. Unfortunately, I was never able to really get into the game after I was done with the first area. This plants vs. zombies DLC isn't doing it for me, also.

  4. why would u show off weapons :/ we wanted good story from this game, not stupid writing and gunplay :/

  5. This anticorporate hypocrisy is so tiresome. For God's sake, Obsidian, you yourselves are corporate hacks!

  6. version exclusive games i dont like it but ok…. version exclusive story dlc? GO FUCK YOURSELF

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