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The Medium Guide – How to Find All Echoes and Solve the Dayroom Puzzle


Want the “Calling Out to Me” Achievement? Here’s how to get it.

The Medium

As a psychic in Bloober Team’s The Medium, Marianne can work together with completely different objects and pay attention to the voices of spirits connected to them. These are referred to as Echoes and there are 32 in complete to accumulate. You’ll want them to unlock the Achievement “Calling Out to Me.” In order to discover all of them, refer to the video information under by Outlaw Kings on YouTube.

How to Solve the Dayroom Puzzle

The Dayroom Puzzle includes discovering three items of sheet music. If you don’t discover them, then you may’t get previous the swarm of moths blocking the approach ahead. For extra particulars on how to simply remedy this puzzle, try the information under by Abyx Gaming.

For extra particulars on The Medium, try our assessment right here. It’s obtainable on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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