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The Last of Us Part 2 – Official Story Trailer


Check out our best look at The Last of Us Part 2 ahead of its June 19 release.

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  1. Какая симпатичная девочка была в 1 части. А эта Элли похожа на алкоголика, страшная, голос противный, еще и лесбиянка, ужас просто ).

  2. Lol, you guys acting like a kid just because you guys didn't like what happened in the game.. 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Still buying the games despite the leaks, it's a game not a movie and I'm looking forward to the gameplay.

  4. Hehehe, nice try, Naughty Dog. 95% less identity politics on this trailer. Also our beloved characters seems being treated respectfully on the story. Shame all of this is just a lie, trying to get back fans before the game goes out. Not buying your shit, welcome to the EA/Bethesda club.

  5. Sorry but Ellie looks more like Justin Bieber with a wig than a woman … Thats the ultimate goal for modern feminism?

  6. And yet this game will get amazing reviews and accolades. This is Naughty Dog they never fail with their games. People just being whiners nowadays.

  7. When you drive out an actual woman who has made a name for herself by creating some amazing characters then you destroy all she's created and piss on the ashes while claiming youre woke

    Nice job Niel hope con man Anita was worth it

  8. Having lesbians in your game is fine
    But the way they went about this game isn't
    Thank God for Doom and animal crossing

  9. Reading the leaks only made me MORE excited than I ever was before.

    Too bad I have no intention of supporting Naughty Dog's inhumane business practices.

  10. I cant believe that Abby killed Joel with a golf club! Im not buying this woke garbage! I will watch a walkthrough online! Druck the simping Cuck!

  11. Ive noticed its almost all the same people flocking to any video about this game to post the same shit everywhere. Why? You seen what you seen, you dont want to buy it, move on. People are still going to buy it, its still going to get rave reviews. Im sure the same people bitching here will review bomb this on metacritic. Sad really

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