The Last of Us 2: New Story Trailer Revealed


Naughty Dog has released a new trailer for The Last of Us Part 2 that focuses on the game’s story but also includes a few brief glimpses of fresh gameplay footage.

The trailer picks up roughly where The Last of Us left off. In fact, it’s easy enough to assume that some of the early footage we see with Ellie and Joel will take place relatively early in the sequel. For the most part, though, this new trailer lacks a formal chronological structure.

However, it does hint at some intriguing plot beats. We see a few new characters interact with Ellie along the way, including one who seems to indicate that they and Ellie lived in a settlement that came under attack. That much has been hinted at in previous story trailers for the game.

Much of the rest of the trailer seemingly focuses on Ellie’s path for vengeance. Again, it’s a bit hard to tell how most of the more significant scenes fit into the overall story, but there are a few individual sections worth noting.

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