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THE JUNGLE KING OF S10? GRAVES! – Fill to Diamond – Ep. 11 | League of Legends


Today we’re taking part in some Graves Jungle! He is arguably the king of the Jungle for Season 10. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Graves Jungle (*11*).

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THE JUNGLE KING OF S10? GRAVES! – Fill to Diamond – Ep. 11 | League of Legends

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  1. i dont think its right to ban a champ for a whole week from ranked just because they are new, i could easily go into ranked right now and play sivir or annie or even graves for the first time. i think it would be better to ban champs that you havn't played atleast 1 sort of game with. whether it be bots or norms you should have to atleast played one full length game with the champ before they can unlock to be played in ranked

  2. Yone seems like Yasuo,but less safe.In early game on Yas,you can poke with your Q until you get an IE and Berserkers.Yone doesn’t really seem to have a reliable poke.Also this Yone wasn’t bullying the Vladimir early game by using his E to constantly get damage in,then reactivating it to get out of range

  3. QOTD Yes. Short and simple. If there was a possibility to do it I would lock new champions in ranked until you have at least 3 normal games with him. Can't recall how many LP I lost because of someone saying "I'll play new champion XY – he's op" and then feeding

  4. QOTD: Yes, a new champion should be disabled for at least 1 week after release because a lot of people will play it thinking it is OP just because they watched some video saying that it was OP and troll. Most of the people who pick the champions are first timing the champ and don't know how to play with the champ at all and overestimate the power of the champ.

  5. 100 % disabled for a week. Its a very short period of time, anyway. Heck, I'd give it 2 weeks for him to really settle in. You should have to play a champion at least once outside of ranked before bringing them in and risking other's games over your curiosity.

  6. QOTD (sorta):It is annoying having a new champ perma-banned so maybe they should disable that. Otherwise, whenever it isn’t banned, both teams have someone wanting to play it and if it is banned, you can’t learn how to play against them/learn what they do

  7. QotD: No, other games that do it have shown Ranked players ignore the champ until they're unlocked in Ranked. So it's basically an unneeded delay. I know it sucks, I agree.

  8. QOTD: I think they should disable for couple weeks for ranked and maybe but this is pure speculation perhaps when you "unlock" champion have a short training session as optional thing so if one unlocks it they can get bit of explaining and playstyle what the champion is what he can do terms of basic.

    Like the champion spotlight but interactive and rewards could be thing like a blue essence or orange to reward those willingly to try.

  9. I say disable champion for rank until they have played at least one or two games with that champion in normals.

  10. yes they should be disabled or if u have played 10 games or 15 maybe ….. then be allowed not first timing …….

  11. QOTD: yeah they probably should be disabled for a couple weeks i see a lot of people saying Overwatch does this but so does Smite another MOBA they disable new characters in ranked when they come out.

  12. No. I don't think locking the champion for a week would actually fix that problem. The main problem is them picking a champion they have no experience on. One good way to make use of the mastery system is to use it to unlock champions in ranked, since the mastery is nothing more then time spent playing that champion anyway. Riot makes you level your account to level 30, hence have so much exp playing the game, before you can play ranked anyway I think this would only make sense for them to do it with the champs as well. I mean it can't make ppl play better but it's better then doing absolutely nothing.

  13. Qotd: I think if an account has no games on any champion it should be locked from ranked till you completed at least 15 normal games on that champion. It would also make smurfing less frequent too. The only people exempt from this would be partnered Accounts.

  14. 22:50, I feel like this would be something most players would notice on the first time or two using an ability. Abilities are even usually still highlighted when they can be recast, or you can just read the description walking to lane
    Makes it even more of a weird thing to do, to play a champion you've never played if you're the type of person to not learn something at least at a normal pace

  15. I mean, the problem is him first timing a champion he does not have experience with nor fully understands. banning the new release champ in ranked won't change that fact.

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