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So a brand new Dev Update got here out this time in video format so I assumed we would do a stay response video about all of it. Let me know what you guys suppose! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Item Dev Update.

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  1. I feel the mythics will make things to busy as well. Like you said riot seems to be going more casual but adding so much more to items etc. just seems a rough time.

  2. Do you think that having runes makes it less likely that people vary their builds? The general idea around this being that they lock in a certain playstyle with their keyrunes, and then feel like they cannot stray from their build path. Without having runes, it could prove easier to pivot a aggro build into more defensive builds if you get behind.

    I'm not asking to remove the runes system, but I feel like it is something to consider whenever Riot attempts to breed personalization from game to game.

  3. For mythics, I’m mostly worried about if they will be too much and/or completely counter classes that shouldn’t be countered by your class (ad carry countering assassins), but if assassins have a mythic item for their class, it should be fine theoretically.

    As for the item images, I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the coloration or style (seeing a curvy staff feels weird), but I’d get used to it either way

  4. I'm both excited and terrified of one specific item they showcased: Cursed Demonhelm. Obviously changes can be made, but this item along with champions like; Mordekaiser, Swain, Karthus, hell even Teemo, sounds absurd. I play all of these champions, but I honestly am terrified for what this may look like if this item comes out the way it shows on-screen. With that item, I really can't see a Mordekaiser losing a 1v1, and his numbers are already overtuned still I believe.

  5. Maybe Riot should have the new Mystic items be like a high risk high reward thing. For instance a Mystic ADC item would give you more AD, attack speed, Crit, and maybe life steal, but the moment you complete the item it decreases your health, armour, resistances, or maybe even movement speed.

    Or they could make different types of Mejai items. For instance an AD version, a MR version, and an Armour version. But unlike the AD and AP versions, the Armour and MR stacks are temporary. The MR and Armour versions could give you additional MR or Armour depending on how many "stacks" you have, and you get "stacks" by taking a certain amount of damage in a fight. And after a certain amount of time your "stacks" go back to zero. Meaning the longer or more drawn out the fight becomes the tankier you can become.

    I don't know I'm just thinking out loud, I guess we'll just have to see what Riot does.

  6. Idk about them saying its not a bannable offense. I have literally had someone just troll me by banning my champ then saying I'm a trash iron player that should listen to them because they are a higher rating than me. I see it both ways tho. I would literally ban Yumi no matter what unless my support had first pick for awhile because no one at my low level buys executioners.

  7. "when everything is op … nothing is op".
    I like it. Sure, some people might get things to cover their weakness … but they would be missing out on an OP item that doesn't cover a weakness but would make them hit harder if they simply played around their weakness as they do now. Maybe there's an OP item against HP builder champs that would be a better choice in a match vs a tank/ Susan team for a Jinx than the item that gives a dash. Feel like their would still be tons of options even if someone prefers 1 build.

  8. I think it will be a really good change because we going to see a COMPLETE shift of the meta like it wont be like oh those 2 champs are not meta now. Nah its gonna be a complete 180 degrees and there will be a lot of really nice and refreshing things. Champs doing outplays and general plays we have never seen before and it all just brings freshness into the game. Its not the standart situation where you see darius and you already know what to do because youve literally done it over and over and over and its just like standardized. But now with all these changes there will be some REALLY amazing situations and plays happening and im really looking forward to it.

  9. I haven't played League in months, mostly not to having a PC to play it on, but even before I had to stop playing because things were just too out of hand. I personally feel like the Mythic Items are going to have the same issues as Death's Dance, Too much stuff on one item, I watch from your channel Huzzy because I know the genuineness from how you talk about the game itself. I personally dislike the Mythic Items, but unless they have some crazy drawback aside from Pricing, which even then isn't that bad, I think they will only add to the unhealthiness of the game.

  10. I think that there should be quests (kind of like the support item quests right now) for the mythic passives. That way, if someone builds a mythic item that doesn't normally go on them (such as adcs building tank mythic items just to be very tanky), it makes it harder for them to actually get the full strength of the mythic item.

  11. 28:46 heres the thing about the adc ones, in terms of the raw stat numbers they give, none of them will be very good on kaisa. her first item needs to give atleast 70 ad in order for her to get her q evolve in a timely fashion. unless they have one specifically in mind for her and other adcs in a similar boat, then im not sure

  12. The mythics are going to be a nightmare. Especially where it isnt class locked when it's so potent.
    I wonder if there will be a super mega tank ezreal.

  13. I actually used the champ select ban once. The aatrox who stealed my friends role was playing fool, saying he agreed to an exchange and bla bla bla.. maybe to trick the system?

  14. I would like it if the Mythic Items would be objective bound

    E.g. only be available after the Dragon Soul / 2 Baron has been taken.. that way it would tie it to end game and also make it that people would focus on dragons/baron…
    And definitely only available when people are lvl 18

  15. Behemoth slayer says 5% crit damage not chance, looks like thats the extra damage like on infinity edge, not 5% crit chance

  16. The Mythic items will make snowballing even worse. How can you be expected to take out an enemy who is excessively fed if their weaknesses are no longer something you can try to exploit?

  17. I'm wondering what's going to happen with the current scaling items, considering mythic items give free scaling.

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