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THE HARDEST 5v4 IN HISTORY! FIORA! – Duo to Diamond | League of Legends


Hey guys! Welcome back to Duo to Diamond with Vicksy! We’re playing Fiora today we’re against a Riven OTP and an Ex Pro Jungler, the game is likely the hardest 5v4 I’ve ever played! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Fiora Top Gameplay! Vicksy:

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THE HARDEST 5v4 IN HISTORY! FIORA! – Duo to Diamond | League of Legends

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  1. Season 10 in a nutshell : first time I see Huzzy Caps typing in three years if I remember correctly 😂

  2. If this keep going, will this be the first time a smurf is higher rating then main ?

  3. bot lane difference, inted. I feel these phrases are used quite abit and not always used in the right context : P

  4. Do you have any tips to better lane against Darius and Sett?
    Also asking for Yorick game day: 16

  5. Hey Huzzy can you make a video on the top 10 ice cream flavours? I respect your opinion and would like to increase my ice cream palette

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