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The ultimate Patch of Season 10 is right here… been a bit of an odd season for me so it is variety of a pleasant feeling to see the season coming to an finish. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Patch Notes Breakdown.

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  1. Seraphine: i rly don't like her visually, put her anywhere in runeterra and she looks incredibly out of place. And it doesn't help that the kda skin got more lore than her actually runeterra part.

  2. I’m not that mad at Seraphine. I love the lore and it really sucks she is not well integrated (check Necrit’s video). But i’m excited to play her, she looks fun and quite my style of play. That platform is really ugly though.

  3. Honestly with seraphine it’s the music that makes people compare her to sonas. I don’t think comparing her abilities to sonas is fair since since you can just say x champ has ys ability. Outside the weird platform I think she’s fine. Also she doesn’t seem like another perma ban champ with seems to be what riot likes making

  4. Even with all the dislike or weirdness, people feel towards Seraphine, I'm still really looking forward to her release and exciting to see which role I would like her more in if I end up getting her. Excited for new champ changes as well. I will definitely be enjoying the art and the music, they have never let me down. Even if I can't get some of the skins, I always will have a deep appreciation for the art department of League.

  5. Hype, not really. launch skin is way too expensive for a launch skin. I think I will enjoy playing her as I main mid mages, but I think they made a miss on her design. The floating podium feels a bit weird and totally doesn't what they tried to hype with her Twitter. Outgoing, influencer like idol, and then ingame she hops on a floating podium, feels off.
    Abilities are interesting and really match Sona alot. Ithink the comparison to Sona is made easier by the platform (vs Sona harp). I will play her for sure, but will indeed always feel Sona-like..

  6. I don’t like her design. It doesn’t feel like Piltover. But I do like mages that have good zone control like Orianna and Syndra. So I’m excited to play her. I like her abilities and such. Just not a fan of the look with the platform

  7. If I still played League, I'd permaban Seraphine because I disagree with her design and purpose. Also, Justice for the Brackern.

  8. As a support champion its nice to have something that is similar to Neeko and Sona to play, but thats about it.

  9. i think i can say that changing ashes arrows to increase the count of arrows per lvl would be nice if they shotgun, like u said, to where they can land multiple arrows on a champ would be swee et , and I know from the attack range indictior that they've always shown the individual lines of arrows, so maybe

  10. About Seraphine:
    -Her kit's not that bad but I would rather have a rework for Sona.
    -The platform looks weird (to me it looks like they didn't even bother to give her a walking animation, I would have made her walk and use the platform for her recall, her homeward animation, and maybe for when she casts her r, but her on it 24/7 looks odd and lazy).
    -She doesn't look like she belongs in runeterra (to me even Yuumi fits better, since she is from Bandle city).
    -Her lore, personality and in game lines are meh, her VA also is… not that good.
    -They giving her a cringey TikToker like in-game emotes and personality.
    -She's weirdly animated, they've compared her animations to Zoe's, but I'm pretty sure Seraphine is supposed to be a young adult and not a kid, unlike Zoe.
    -The fact that she got that "ultimate" skin, instead of giving it to an already popular champion, and that it's actually just a legendary skin with 2 variants… behind missions after you spend like 3k RP.
    -Also her marketing on twitter was gross and cringey, ("me real, me sad insecure and depressed, just like you, buy my skin UwU")
    -Her being shoehorned into K/DA, like there weren't already any other popular champions to add to K/DA (not like it was needed to begin with, Sona or even another assassin would have worked better, if they wanted to market the new K/DA member as Chinese so much, Sona and Irelia are from Ionia, so it would have made sense to make them specifically Chinese in K/DA)

    it's all too much for a single champion. I'm gonna permaban her.

    To me Samira is ad ranged Kat, but at least she fits in Runeterra (I would remove her passive when she flips you if you are cc'ed, though).

    Sorry for the long comment, I wanted to be specific and clear 😑

  11. KDA music is dropping tomorrow, 7 am PDT. Which songs are people most hyped for? I think my favorite will be More based on their little preview

  12. I love Seraphine's kit. Dislike almost everything else.
    The platform, the marketing, the "lore", the way they did her skin…

  13. @HuzzyGames, do you think there needs to be a magic resist item that gives healing reduction. I have thought League has needed that and with the new item set it would be the perfect time to add one. I am not sure if they added one for the upcoming season, but I do not think so. Do you think it would be beneficial or not needed.

  14. try him mid huzz, brand mid fell off because assassins easily deal with him and he's easy to camp.

  15. seraphine is okey. but it so similar to sona, so many persons just doesn't want the same champion but newer. even do she feels pretty balance

  16. I don’t like seraphine because of her character model I don’t like the platform she is on. 2 her lore turns me away from her she’s no very nice when compared to her Twitter version and finally the ultimate skin is sill to give to a new champion we know nothing about.

  17. i don't care if seraphine is strong or weak, im perma banning her every game, i don't want that abomination staining my screen

  18. I’m looking forward to playing Seraphine support. Thanks for the breakdown, Huzzy! And great stream today 👍

  19. So if Sej got a dog poo lvl buff does that mean she going to be good again next season so they couldn't buff her too much rn? Also, as an Ornn player anything related to this patch is bad since kai sa getting her second prestige skin before Ornn gets a second normal skin

  20. I'm honestly probably not gonna play on this patch much. Being the last patch of the season, people are trying to grind rank super hard. I'm in a rating that I'm happy with and I don't want people having poor mental to ruin that right before the end of the season.

  21. Its weird that this is the first champ ive been hype for in a while. Probably because I main ARAM.

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