The Division 2 To Bring Variable Refresh Rate Support To Xbox One X


The Division 2 is one of the highly-anticipated games of 2019. Not only the Division 2 will take advantage of the upgraded consoles but, will also support variable refresh rate on Xbox One X.

According to the Microsoft Store listing, The Division 2 will support variable refresh rate on Xbox One X. For those who don’t know, variable refresh rate means the game won’t be locked at 30 FPS.

Meaning, the game will target 60 FPS on Xbox One X. However, it is unclear if the variable refresh rate will be available for 1080p mode or the 4K mode.

I personally think Ubisoft will lock the FPS on 30 for the 4K mode and the variable refresh rate will only be available in the 1080p mode for the Division 2. But, this is just speculation.

Microsoft has been trying to introduce Freesync support to Xbox One S and Xbox One X. The Division 2 might be the first game on Xbox One to officially support freesync. Freesync basically allows games to run at a variable refresh rate and doesn’t allow any screen tearing.

The Division 2 is set in Washington DC and left New York behind. Ubisoft has explained why they chose Washington DC over other potential locations. According to Ubisoft, New York lacked environmental variety.

Another reason for choosing the city was “Contrast” which is very “important for the Division brand”. The first game lacked the contrast but, Washington DC gives the contrast needed in The Division 2.

Hardcore fans of the first game will be happy to know that The Division 2 features an improved rogue system. The rogue system brings the greed and theft of the original back but, with a new twist.

Ubisoft also explained that creating authentic audio was a painful process. According to the team, they had to go out in the middle of the night to record sounds.

With the sequel being set in Washington DC many accused Ubisoft of being political. However, COO Alf Condelius clarified that this is not the case and the politics is “bad for business”.

The Division 2 is an open-world multiplayer game in development at Ubisoft. The game will roll out on March 15, 2019.