The Division 2 Moving to Epic Store May Not Be The Best Things, Store’s “F” Rating Is a Concern


The Division 2 was listed on Steam soon after the game was announced earlier this year. However, many wondered why this game was not available to pre-order on Steam even though it was listed. Those who wanted to buy a copy had to pick one up from Ubisoft’s uPlay.

We just recently found out the reason why it was never sold through Steam even though the game was listed on Valve’s Steam Store for months. As it turns out, there were issues behind the scenes and Ubisoft was in talks with Epic Games Store for The Division 2 and other future Ubisoft games.

According to an official announcement by The Division 2 creators, the game will be sold through Epic Games Store as well as uPlay. The company is dropping support for Steam and it seems will no longer actively bring its AAA games to Steam.

While that is great news for Epic Games Store, it isn’t the best for the player base. uPlay already has issues and doesn’t bring the smoothest experience to its player base. Meanwhile, Epic Games Store has just received an “F” rating from Better Business Bureau for unanswered customer service and refund complaints.

Epic Games Store has a total of 279 Better Business Bureau complaints and 271 on file in the last three years and 271 out of those were filed in the last year. This means that the store has become worse in terms of customer service in recent times.

The gaming company behind such popular titles as Fortnite and Infinity Blade has an “F” rating with Better Business Bureau due to unanswered customer complaints. BBB serving Eastern North Carolina (BBB) is warning consumers about Epic Games of Cary, NC, which has 279 BBB complaints on file in the past three years with 271 of those complaints filed in the last year alone. Of the 279 total complaints, 247 of those have gone unanswered.

Moving AAA games to Epic Games Store when the services it provides is not up to par at this time doesn’t seem like the best thing to do. Publishers need to consider how the end user will be affected by this move.

Source: BBB