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THE COUNTER TO YASUO? NEEKO! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


So I kinda forgot Neeko exists as a champion but she was always known as a good counter to Yasuo, let’s see how she feels! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Neeko Mid Gameplay.

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THE COUNTER TO YASUO? NEEKO! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. am I the only one that finds neeko's thumbnail portrait indistinguishable from lillia's?

  2. Lol the invade where everyone is following the leader. And they found no one. For some reason I laughed at that.

  3. Does turning into a melee champ still make you deal more dmg to plated towers as neeko or did they remove that?

  4. Oh crap they may release a new Fable game? I hope so I really love the series I have all the Favle include the Xbox connect one.

  5. About that hack, one day my friend asked me on messenger, why do I play rankeds now. I was weirded out bcs I was at home and I never play rankeds. I came home and changed my password. Someone played 7 ekko games and didn't feed. He just had fun.

  6. I think face cam is pretty dumb in my opinion lol why do i wanna look at the streamers face in the way when i wanna look at the game. It's highly distracting and the streamers don't even look at the camera alot of the time lol

  7. Why are most of the ap fighters just broken? Sylas, Kassadin, Diana, and Ekko are all just insane.

  8. You go blade of the ruined king on rengar as bruiser top lane. Just like you do on many other bruiser champs such as sett and renekton 🙂 It's even recommended on u.gg (Tho obviously not everything on u.gg is correct)

  9. On the topic of facecams and watching you because of it… I usually prefer when streamers/ content creators DONT use them, but honestly, a Huzzy stream/ vid wouldnt be a Huzzy stream/ vid without it ngl. You're one of the only ones I'd say I enjoy the cam with, if that isn't weird and makes sense.

  10. It’s nice to see Neeko gameplay. I just picked her up recently and learned she’s an absolute lane bully. I feel like she has some carry potential but she seems better as a background support/carry role with good utility and decent damage

  11. Yesterday destroying a Zoe now destroying a Yasuo. Two disgusting champions getting bullied. I am happy. Thanks Huzzy for the joy you bring in our hearts! Cheers to the Pleb King!
    PS if next game you destroy Aphlelios I swear I begin a Tier 3 Twitch subscription

  12. 7:46 well feck. ali's roam wasnt worth it….cause aphel doesnt know how to play when his supp goes for walkies mid.

  13. I go Glacial Augment on Neeko, with GLP the slows are nasty against most opponents. But I respect comet vs yasuo due to the dashes, I think I'll try it myself next time I have the matchup

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