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THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM (Season 11)… ANNIE TIME! | League of Legends


Welcome to the calm earlier than the Season 11 storm! We’re enjoying Annie and we’re towards the Yasuo / Yone brothers! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Annie Mid Gameplay. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Annie mid gameplay.

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THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM (Season 11)… ANNIE TIME! | League of Legends

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  1. Huzz, when is the collaboration with Eddie Hall coming out? "HUZZY COACHES WORLD'S STRONGEST MAN"

  2. Hey Huzz! Maybe your pain in your jaw could also stem from clenching your jaw at night while you sleep.. this also leads to extreme headaches and ear pain if happening all the time
    Just thought i would mention it, if it's not a 100% sure it comes from the wisdom teeth

  3. How can you say that you do more damage than 2 seasons ago when you have the exact same components with the exact same stats? I'm genuinely confused about that, like do you have an Idea why that is?

  4. Sorry that you've got not only backseat gamers, but also backseat content creators. They're annoying, but we like your stuff and thats why we're here. That backseat content creator doesn't speak for what I want to see.

  5. Nice to hear tryharding is coming despite the lack of champion variety. I think it is necessary indeed, so, personally im very happy!

  6. I actually really enjoy that you record when you stream, I live in Vancouver Canada, hard to catch the streams with sleep and work, the vids help me feel like I am there. Trolls will be trolls, keep doing what you are doing Huzz 🙂

    Looking forward to the ranked try hard content, go get em.

  7. I just got a veigar sup in ranked. He started with dorans blade…it was a trollparty. If this is ranked S11, i don't want to rank this saison…it's the Community that kills this game. Greetings from Germany!!!!

  8. QotD: I'm fine, currently sunbathing on my balcony. It's very hot here in Hell de Janeiro lol

  9. The fact that you stream while you do vids is one of the main reasons I follow you. I like the conversations you have with your chat whilst playing games, makes it more interesting rather than just nothing but gameplay all the time.

  10. Like many others, I look forward to the try-hard content. Especially because for some reason, when you play ranked, it feels like I'm also playing ranked and makes me hella hyped when outplays happen and tense when there's a close fight.
    Happy, super late new years.

  11. I lost my preseason bronze-to-silver promos… again. Was worst player on the team 3 out of 4 games (only 4 games because I had the "free win"). On the last game I had 13 deaths on my OP main, Fizz. One of the games I did least damage on my team as OP Anivia. I'm such a joke of a player, I can't believe I once had hope for Season 11. It's clear I haven't learned anything over my 2 years of playing.

  12. Hey Huzzy, would you do like a oneshot video for each time you promote to a new tier, you go over your match history and kinda observe what the last tiers games were like, the quality, how you felt against your opponents, the amount of int/rqing you found, etc, and when you reach diamond 1, master or hell, even grandmaster, make an in retrospect video of your climb as a whole and pick your favorite games to top it off?

  13. I love that you upload stuff from streams, I rarely get to join in so it’s very nice to be able to keep up with some of the jokes and atmosphere for when I get back. Also cool to see some names I recognize while here instead of there

  14. Im Doing good getting a little nervous over ranked. It will be my first season actually trying in ranked, after having my first ever season being season 10. I wish you good luck in your climb to master. Your gonna smash the competition on your climb

  15. Hey Huzzy,
    I love your content. One short question: Do you plan to upload all of your placement games?

  16. Good luck with playsments Huzzy you will have my full support in every game you will play. Let's so them what we can do as a community. HuzzyRoar

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