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THE BURST IS REAL WITH VIKTOR! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends


Welcome again to Iron to Master! Today we have jumped on Viktor, he simply obtained a VFX Update and we’re towards the brand new Ahri! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Viktor Mid Gameplay.

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THE BURST IS REAL WITH VIKTOR! – Iron to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. You should definitely be at 500k subs/1mil subs. I also feel like you should post your cod videos & extra videos on this channel as well like the rest of content creators do maybe save your huzzyextra for vlogs & car & workout videos more personal videos.

  2. I just honestly enjoy your videos, ALL OF THEM. So thank you for posting 2 videos a day I know it’s a lot of work. Thank you for being who you are & the healthy community that you promote, I feel like you don’t get views/subs that you deserve! You deserve so much more. Hopefully the social media gods start promoting you more.

  3. Huzzy: mentions twice that Ahri has teleport
    Also Huzzy when Ahri makes a TP play: "WHAT AHRI HAS TP, WHO TAKES TP ON AHRI?!?!"

  4. Huzzy (kills Ahri) "considering I'm rusty on Victor"
    Also Huzzy at the start of the video "Victor is my second most played champion this season on my main account"…
    Yeah I dont think you're rusty Huzz 😛

  5. You play only ranks? I don't know, personally I find normals relaxing from time to time as a break from ranks and experiment with new picks or strange builds and play with friends

  6. Ima try to make you feel nice Wuzzy. I like seeing you in a good mood. You made me a better person and no one else could have done what you did unintentionally and for that, I am eternally grateful. Love you darling!

  7. Quick suggestion. I know the reasons you have chat muted and I agree with them, however when someone does a good job or your jungler gives you blue like in this video, can you at least acknowledge them with an emote? It comes across a little rude that you don’t react at all when your teammates are friendly. Just a thought 😊

  8. Huzzy! What did you think about the Italian GP? I figured it would be a good topic to talk about in a vid if you needed one.

  9. Maybe to lessen the impact of having a feeding liability on your team Riot should increase how much gold value champs lose from constant deaths. Or at least let it decrease past going 0/6, like at 0/10 they would be worth 1 gold or something worthless like that.

  10. That is the one thing wrong with League. Teammates could go negative kda, feed yet two, three, four members can't carry. Takes the team aspect out of the game. Just bums me out.

  11. 15:15 she has tp, and you have ignite thats how. combine that with the kills she has gotten, and the ekko gank that you died to, and it should be obvious

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