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THE BEST TANK JUNGLER? Cho'Gath – Climb to Master | League of Legends


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  1. A few mistakes I noted from this. Firstly, its not upto then umber 6 of stacks, its exactly 6 stacks from minions, I noticed you stopped nomming minions after you hit 6, you would have noticed that when you nommed scuttle you hit 7 stacks.. Secondly, you need to least hit with your ult or you won't get the stack at all.

  2. Take it as a feedback, but honestly you managed your ult really bad. You shouldn't had it waisted on scuttle when you could had a free baron steal with smite + r. Botlane was really bad tho

  3. Hey huzzy when you ult with chogath wait until the indicator pops up. It shows you when you can ult and get the kill. It looks like spikes pointing at the champ and it's around the champions feet

  4. It's the same problem i am having when playing Illaoi i do really well in the laning phase and then i just suck in the mid to late game,i get stunned and killed everytime,it's like i am playing a gray screen simulator.It's sad because i really like her desing and playstyle 🙁

  5. I had taken a break from league, watched a lot of your videos and when I came back I had a better mind set and it allowed me to climb from s3 to s2 in a day. Having a calm mind set really does help a lot thank you huzzy 😀

  6. You seem to blame your mistakes on others mate. Also, "only thing you have to do is not get blitz pulled."…..>mfw gets pulled time after time lol.

  7. Huzzy cho has 2 ways of killing Barron and Dragon, feast or smite. U feasting the crab is a mistake, smiling it would be better because when the blitz hook u, u can smite and feast the barron.

  8. Caitlyn's positioning was just… Horrible. Goes so close to Zed and dies instantly and just Yolos the teamfights xD. That Cait is real questionable. I love to play Illaoi, she got me to gold last season, but she freaking sucks now, like you just become a liability for your team tbh. Keep up the good work Huzz!

  9. Cho's R actually has 6 separate stacks for minions/monsters and infinite stacks for champions/epic monsters
    In the game you got 6 stacks (4 monsters 1drake 1blitzcrank) so you could get 2 more from monsters

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