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TESTING OUT IF AMUMU IS ACTUALLY "BROKEN" – Duo to Master | League of Legends


So Amumu has been tearing up the rift for the previous few days so I believed I’d attempt it out myself, let’s have a look at the way it goes! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Amumu Jungle Gameplay.

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TESTING OUT IF AMUMU IS ACTUALLY “BROKEN” – Duo to Master | League of Legends

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  1. That kill on trundle at your blue around 8:20 was such a good prediction and set up by you both. You positioned super well in the pit for Vicksy to come help too. That was my favorite play in the game

  2. my first game I palyed I bought mandate and rylais,, but I play it on annie support and it is strong

  3. Huzzy's mythic items testing thus far:

    Luden's – 3

    Lyandry's – 2

    Eclipse – 1 (Spectate )

    Sunfire – 4 ( 1 Spectate, 3 commentary),

    Immortal Shieldbow – 1

    No mythic – 1

  4. Sometimes Huzzy you're too quick too say someones bad when they die. Like when the fiora died top. She pinged the bush was warded but you still headed there. Then when she died you said "This fiora". Wasnt really her fault though. Also you chose to take your blue first. You cant really blame her there.

  5. Wondering if that Trundle will show up in the comments section, flaming or boasting that he ghosted Huzzy… Distasteful behaviour.

  6. Huzz last season: "I hate when duos camp each others lanes, it's so cheesy and unfair, just play normally"
    Huzz when he plays with Vicksy: perma camps mid and ignores all other lanes

  7. You can consistently solo baron as amumu at 20 mins as long as you don't get killed too many times

    And now that sunfire is OP Shen Jg went from Niche to crazy good

  8. Riot definetly have some tunning to do. I played a game last night against an amumu and he SOLO A BARON AT 21 MINUTES! 🤣🤣 if that doesnt scream broken, I dont know what is.

  9. I man you can gank a Vayne… you only ganked midlane and power farmed when enemy botlane was shoved all game. Sion ult into amumu ult could have been really good so I mean you can't blame her for pinging you for help when you were running around. Just sayin

  10. Sion supp was a thing a while back (s7 i think) for a few patches, when it became a thing it had like 64% WR, absolutely bonkers.

  11. Nerf for Amummu in next patch. Lots of item adjustments, but they didn’t touch Sunfire at all

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