Team Cherry Announces Hollow Knight Hornet DLC Preview On Valentine’s Day


Team Cherry, developers of the critically acclaimed Metroidvania game Hollow Knight, have announced that the Hollow Knight Hornet DLC will be getting a sneak preview on Valentine’s Day. This will mark the fifth piece of DLC that will release for the game, all of which has been free and added in via a patch.

Hollow Knight is a Metroidvania with a Dark Souls-like atmosphere of difficulty and beautiful devastation. Players take on the role of a small bug warrior that comes to the ruined insect kingdom of Hallownest in search of something. Delving into the kingdom you discover that it has been destroyed by a mysterious plague, and it becomes your responsibility to stop the plague and whatever has caused it.

While all of the other Hollow Knight DLC has changed the game in some way, adding new areas, new bosses, and new characters to interact with as you journey through Hallownest, the Hollow Knight Hornet DLC is the first one that gives us another playable character. Previously, players had been stuck as the Knight all throughout the game.

Hornet is a major side character in the game, popping up many times in different areas of the game to help you along or block your access to an area until you can defeat her in a duel. However, we learned very little about her in the game proper, and she served mainly as a mysterious ally. With the DLC, however, we’ll likely learn exactly why she came to Hallownest, and what she was doing between her interactions with us.

There’s still no actual release date for when the Hollow Knight Hornet DLC will be coming out, but at least we have something to look forward to on Valentine’s Day…that is, if you’re single and like the game or you’re in a relationship with a Hollow Knight fan. You can currently play Hollow Knight on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.