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TAKING OVER THE GAME WITH ELISE! – Climb to Master S11 | League of Legends


Hey guys! Today we’re on the principle account and we’re taking part in some Elise! One of my outdated jungle mains! I nonetheless really feel fairly snug on this champion which is sweet! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Elise Jungle Gameplay.

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TAKING OVER THE GAME WITH ELISE! – Climb to Master S11 | League of Legends


  1. QotD: Good! I've entirely given up on taking the game seriously, which may or may not sound depressing to you, but it's actually been very "liberating" (for lack of a better term).
    With the new items, the game has gotten very fiesta-y and there are a lot more avenues for dumb/troll builds. It is, without hyperbole, THE PERFECT environment for playing Normals with full teams of friends.

  2. Ranked has been rough to the point I just want to get back to plat and never touch it again

  3. I feel like I'm playing good lately but my teammates disappoints me. I feel like I got better watching your content so thank you for the content you create.

  4. can you make it to put your live twitch chat in the videos ? for example check iPav the teemo streamer

  5. Coincidentally, ranked has been good for me because i've been taking over games on my old main elise! I'm not even queuing for Jungle, I'm just super unlucky with autofill.

  6. I watch 95% of your videos and this is the first one in a while that didn't get recommended to me, had to go looking for it, just thought I should say.

  7. I don't know wtf happened to league. I started playing again recently and there are so many people who just don't care. Hopefully it's just a start of season thing.

  8. QotD: Going very very weird,. I have negative winrate but I've had 2 games where Riot randomly promoted me 2x after winning. Literally +110 LP. Granted, I do have a 4 KDA on my Fizz which is very good for bronze elo, but I have <45% winrate and not tons of games played

  9. QOTD: Went 8-2 in placements, ended up B2 and ive jumped around from role to role trying to find something that will help me climb and be fun. Went from eve, ww jg main to camille and fiora top, now im autofilling trying to have fun. My 47% winrate is slowly getting better so thats fun.

  10. Son: Hey Dad, why is my sister called Hope?
    Father: Because when she was born, she cured your mother's depression.
    Son: Ah, ok. Thanks Dad!
    Father: No problem, Huzzy's Consistent Upload Schedule.

  11. QotD: I've spent the entirety of my time with league playing ARAM – I'm a total casual. This year, with the item reworks, seemed like a good time to start playing normals to work up the courage to start playing ranked. This is NOT happening now. The balance team needs serious help.

  12. QOTD: went 7-3 in placements currently silver 2. Been mostly playing with friends in regular queue but the few rank games I've done after placements I have won most of them

  13. League is hard. And I am bad. So it's not going well. Lol love the vids great content and I learn quite a bit.

  14. QOTD: It started out horrible. Had a 32% winrate but it's going quite well now climbing up to 47% winrate now doing well most gamem. Soon i'll be positive!

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