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TAKE OVER BOT LANE WITH "ASSISTANCE" BRAND NAME! – Iron to Diamond | League of Legends


Today we’re playing Brand “Support”, we take control of the bot lane and also make the opponent really feel the warmth! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Brand Support Gameplay.

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TAKE OVER BOT LANE WITH “ASSISTANCE” BRAND NAME! – Iron to Diamond | League of Legends

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  1. I feel like League has become more toxic in the last few years, but is toxicity a problem that can really be fixed? I guess Riot can give out stricter punishments but I'm not sure if that will reduce the number of people that are flaming. I guess if Riot was to introduce harsher punishments it may act as a deterrent but I feel as if the problem is too deep rooted into the minds of these types of players.

  2. What do you think about glacial on supp like brand, morg or vel? For mid game I find it really good, even if sometimes I skip the glp for the twin rush since the pick potential is better

  3. Hitboxes in this game are a ride. Hooks (Thresh, Blitz, Naut) abilities have such a forgiving hitbox and sometimes kinda connect when they were way off but stuff like Brand's and such miss when you as much as have a pixel of difference.

  4. Have had several people who said. Hope my mother etc gets chances! My mother has cancer, my stepfather has cancer.

    Many who call mi or team members very ugly stuff. And these players still playing. So ye riot sucks to remove players.

  5. That riven definetly smurf, and also – its a russian smurf, cause i lmao when i see his name) because its literally translates like – son of a b….. xDDD

  6. using first blood gold for corrupting instead of spellthiefs upgrade as support… can't say I agree with that.. especially vs a thresh.. can't imagine any pro support would do that either

  7. I miss having chat, I turned it off as well, and I agree that it's a better experience, but I used to use it a lot myself and sometimes I still bring it up type "lmao" and then it says "you don't have chat turned on and cant communicate" and I tilt a little bit 😛

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