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SWAIN SUPPORT… I AM THE CARRY NOW? – Climb to Master S11 | League of Legends


Hey guys! Today we’re enjoying Swain Support! I nonetheless assume it is in all probability his greatest function and he is fairly good! Quite a superb quantity of carry potential from the help function! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Swain Support Gameplay.

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SWAIN SUPPORT… I AM THE CARRY NOW? – Climb to Master S11 | League of Legends

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  1. "My strenght is the knowledge of the game, this is why i do well as supp"
    -litterally few second earlier
    "We do get team gold from dragon, right?"

  2. Huzzy: keep complaining about enemy team Kayn while he have
    Kha'Zix in his team
    Me: what ??? you have Kha'Zix, I ban Kha'Zix every time I'm jungle
    Huzzy: get Kha'Zix in the enemy team
    me: enjoy Huzzy
    Riot balance team: … (nothing, literally nothing)

  3. Hey huz! Swain support one trick. Weird tip, but taking presence of mind is way better for staying in lane after constant trades, and if you level E then Q your damage after a grab is better than E then W

  4. At around 16:20 mins in the game, the kha'zix was nearly dead from that fight. Over the next few seconds he is full health, what's up with self healing nowadays :/

  5. As a Morgana main, I picked up Swain when she is banned. Any advice for a person who started about a week ago?

  6. Literally the only positive this item rework did was make it cheaper to get grievous wounds for mages and such.

  7. I will take Riot every single day over BHVR (Dead by Daylight) which really is a testament to how bad BHVR truly is.

  8. Just went into the community tab and commented my thoughts. TFT or Valorant are both good, but I'd really like to see you play another round of They Are Billions. I bought it after the last time you played it and I've been playing it again recently and really enjoying it.

  9. As someone who plays Swain quite often I don't really mind taking kills. Sure, it's good to spread things around, but if you play smart a fed Swain absolutely can take over a game all on his own.

  10. As a support player, I despise swain as a support pick. It is too clear that his play style is for mid, and I think swain support players are only doing so to cheese the role, and try to focus on getting noticed by the other players. Just my opinion

  11. Just learned that I failed my exam… Huzzy's video cheer me up a little bit thx for the videos

  12. Hey Huz, valorant is better option atm, cod is full of the cheaters. There are guys that actually stream themself cheating

  13. Lmao when you said you're pretty good at support my instant thought was "Huzzy cannon" hahaha. Love the content Huzz hope you're doing well. Stay safe my dude

  14. Huzzy as far as I know, that current build is what people are saying is her best before the latest patch. The on hit hybrid

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