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SWAIN IS ACTUALLY NUTS – Climb to Master S10 | League of Legends


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Welcome again to the Main Account! We proceed the climb taking part in some Swain and oh boy… he is truly nuts… Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Swain Support Gameplay.

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SWAIN IS ACTUALLY NUTS – Climb to Master S10 | League of Legends

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  1. Well this was actually a nice game to watch, and tbf Swain is completely overpowered, insane burst and pretty tanky in the same champion… Usual Rito games stupidity

  2. I think this might be the happiest i have seen you playing league, btw one of the funniest vids i´ve seen from you. Keep up the good work, support from colombia ;D

  3. Support is really fun, specially nowadays. No last-hitting, just poking, fighting and zoning 24/7. Vision control's also a pretty cool minigame.

  4. That add at the beginning got a like from me because Huzzy swapped to a Barbados server to watch Cool Runnings

  5. i am second the first person is victor 4everthe1 hansson so dont even try to say first
    Btw huzzy can u play some rek sai jungle.

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