survival squad

Survival Squad For PC


survival squadSurvival Squad is a battle royale generous in the purest, player-unknown Battlegrounds style, in which many players can face each other on an island full of weapons. Only one of them can come alive. Or four, if we decide to play by teams instead of solo.

The operating system of Survival Squad is the usual one: on the left of the screen we have the virtual crossbar with which we can operate our character, while in the right part we find the buttons to shoot, bend over, lie down, jump and aim with the aim of the weapon. When we find a weapon or a box, we can communicate with it by simply clicking on the pop-up window.

At the beginning of the game all players start in an airplane, where they have to throw themselves whenever they want. Once they land, they will have to run to find weapons and survive. In addition, it will be necessary to be careful with the blue force field that will become increasingly smaller. If it catches us, it will kill us.

Survival Squad is an excellent battle royale that starts at a well-defined starting point and offers a very fun gaming experience. A very entertaining title that we can only play in pairs or in teams of four.

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