Super Smash Bros Ultimate Kirby Guide – Moves List, How to Play, Outfits


In our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Kirby Guide, we talk about what changes have been brought on board for Kirby including its moves, combos, playing as Kirby, and countering it.

Kirby’s not amongst the strongest characters of the Ultimate’s roster and this cute little blob certainly might not be anyone’s first choice, but he is very fun to play with.

More importantly, he will be the only character initially available to pick in the World of Light, so might as well get some taste of the Kirby action.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Kirby

The major problem with Kirby right off the bat is that he is painfully slow. Kirby has always been very slow in the previous iterations of the game. Moreover, he has small limbs so his reach is not very far.

Due to this, many of the other characters can run circles around him and he would not be able to get into them and apply shield pressure. His speed was reduced, due to the fact, that his combo game was great and so was his kill potential.

But even so, this does no justice to this character since a similar character like him have the same feats while at the same time have no loss in mobility – a good example would be Pikachu.

In SSBU, Kirby still has these problems, but he has received some buff to make him a little bit better. He has a faster dash and augmented walk speed that compensates for his lack of range.

Besides this, he is also gifted with the universal jumpsquat buff that is changed down to 3 frames. Now he can enter aerial combat much faster.

Combined with the fact that Kirby can jump 5 times in midair, his evasive capabilities have surely enhanced.

Besides this, previously many of Kirby’s combos were inconsistent, they worked sometimes and other times they were dropped. In SSBU, however, his combos are more reliable, especially his Forward Air combo.

Kirby has some of the very unique moves in his arsenal, like his Neutral Special i.e. Inhale. Inhale lets Kirby suck anything in front of him and it may sound ridiculous but he can also suck other characters completely as well.

Upon sucking up the whole character, he has the option to either let the poor guy go or steal his special. If he chooses to steal his special, it will be replaced by his Neutral Special.

If you are not satisfied with your newly stolen special, you can always get rid of it by using his taunt. Now that taunts can be canceled, Kirby can act quicker after discarding his Copy Ability.

Additionally, he can suck up opponent’s projectile and throw it back at them with a damage multiplier or choose to heal himself with it instead.

This is a game changer for Kirby, as previously he was super vulnerable to projectiles and his lack of mobility and range was not helping him either. With this ability, his opponents will think twice before releasing a projectile his way.