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SUPER SAIYAN XERATH – SEASON 8 Climb to Master | League of Legends


We’re again in placements on the Main account for Season 8! We’re enjoying Xerath and we go a bit Super Saiyan! League of Legends Xerath mid Gameplay!

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  1. Hope you get your internet sorted Huzzy. You probably know this from having an IT background, but go with the man that owns the lines (bt or virgin). Also sometimes when they 'upgrade' certain areas it has a negative effect for a while.

  2. Hey Huzz!
    I did my placement went 4 – 6.. so not that good.. I got placed in Silver 4, ended season 7 in Silver 3.. so im pretty happy and a bit confused (: Happy Climbing love your content.

  3. Do you think that if you flashed in Azir at level 5 you could kill him? You had red buff for the auto slow and burn damage. I personally think that you probably would kill him but is it not worth to use flash? Silver 3 peak if it helps understand my though process

  4. I've started playing Xerath very recently! Honestly, I've found him to be an incredibly easy champ to play, but it's only been one day since I've picked him up so maybe I just had a good land-most-my-abilities day.
    It pleases me to see a xerath game on the same day I've picked him up, always enjoyed watching Xerath vids but a new one popping up is just noice. It's even better to see you against an azir, as that was the matchup I had a lot of trouble with! Anivia was easy to deal with, Ahri was easy, but Azir made me focus to avoid getting poked out. ;-;

  5. Huzzy can you add the little boxes with the check marks and x’s so that we know what your record currently is in the placement games. Awesome video though!!! Keep it up

  6. Huzzy! I just got to the part of the video where you found it a good idea that Illaoi purchased Executioner's Calling, and wondered if s/he bought it first or second. When and why would you buy it?

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